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@frasesmovieses: You know those unforgettable scenes in movies that you could relive over and over again? We do, and we publish them to cheer your day up and make you feel like you are rewatching the film. Our 3M followers enjoy it, morning, afternoon and evenings. With over 3 MILLION + active followers from USA, Europe and Latin America.

@frasesmovieses: ¿recuerdas esas inolvidables escenas en las películas que podrías ver una y otra vez? Nosotros también, y acá las publicamos para animarte el día y hacerte sentir que estás viendo la película de nuevo. Nuestros tres millones de seguidores las disfrutan, mañana, tarde y noche.

@frasesmovieses: Our posts reach over 3 Million followers and we’re posting 24/7.

@frasesmovieses:: The content does not need to be related to humor necessarily. As long as it does not break any Instagram rules And policies, We will upload it.

Username: @frasesmovieses

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