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Product Description

@MomentoWTF: this is a page with mainly funny posts and clever jokes. If you want to smile, in this account you’ll find a reason, our 1 Million + fans can vouch for it. Our 1 Million active followers from USA, Europe and Latin America.

@MomentoWTF: esta es una página que principalmente contiene publicaciones graciosas y de humor inteligente. Si quieres sonreír en esta cuenta encontrarás la razón, y nuestro millón de seguidores puede dar prueba de eso. Intentamos hacerlos felices a todas horas con nuestras publicaciones.

@MomentoWTF: We intend to make our followers happy at all hours of the day by continuously posting content 24 hours a day.

@MomentoWTF: The content does not need to be related to humor necessarily. As long as it does not break any Instagram rules And policies, We will upload it.

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