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@Quecurard: A day without laughter is a day wasted. Don’t waste them anymore. Check out our posts and smile with us. Reaching over 1.1M users and posting 24/7 we’re so much more than just a funny account. We are “the” account. 

@Quecurard: Un día sin reír es un día perdido. No perdamos más días. Paséate por nuestras publicaciones y sonríe con nosotros. Alcanzando más de un millón cien mil seguidores y posteando las 24 horas del día, somos más que una simple cuenta graciosa, somos “LA” cuenta.

@Quecurard: We are posting 24 hours a day, so that we can entertain our public at all times.

The content does not need to be related to humor necessarily. As long as it does not break any Instagram rules And policies, We will upload it.

Username: @Quecurard

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  • 1.1 Million + Followers
  • 7,498 Posts
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