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We help Publishers sell Shoutouts directly to Advertisers

  • Our easy to use software makes selling Shoutout incredibly efficient, saving you precious time.
  • You gain immediate access to hundreds of Advertisers already buying through our Shoutout network.
  • We offer an automated system providing you with a managed, concierge-like service
  • Earn $100 per Shoutout and get paid directly to your PayPal account.

Free Listing Assistance

No Commitment

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Common Questions

How often will I get paid?

Payments are issued when the shoutout is complete and you have sent the screenshot showing proof with statistics (likes stats).

How much will I receive?

We only take a 30% Commission .

What are the requirements to sell on BuySellShoutouts?

Instagram Page Minimum Requirements

Due to overwhelming interest we have revised our requirements to qualify for review to Become a Partner, your Instagram page must have at least 50,000 followers.

There are also several things the Approval Department looks for, such as the quality of the images, the amount of images posted, and if the image topic is a good fit for our advertisers. Additionally, it is important to have an active account with a theme and regular Posts!

NOTE: Your account will not be reviewed or considered if any of the following applies to your account!

1) Do not apply if your account does not have 50,000 followers,

2) Your Account is set to private,

3) Your account does not follow the web site Rules outlined opposite this message, your account will not be reviewed or considered!

4) We do NOT accept accounts with “links” in the bio promoting competing Shoutout services.

How much time will it take up?

Selling Shoutouts through BuySellShoutouts takes the same amount of time as uploading a normal image and caption to Instagram, seconds. Shouters can earn $100 per Shoutout! If you meet the criteria below register to Become a Partner today!

How much will I realistically make?

Your shout price will depend on the amount of followers you have, the content you post and the niche you are posting about. A popular page can earn $100 per permanent shout. Here is an example of earnings below minus our commision. $100 per shout – 30% = $70 x5 shouts in a week = $350 take home.

ACCOUNT RULES: 1. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol related posts. 2. No false advertising, spams, scams, make money or “get rich quick schemes”. 3. All posts must be suitable for all ages. 4. No spammy captions or “win shoutout for follow”. 5. No nudity, No sexual content or references, No profanity

NOTE: You are selling a SHOUTOUT, not followers. you cannot guarantee a certain amount of Likes or  Followers, Fame or Popularity from my shoutouts! Results will always vary. You will do shoutouts for anything that doesn’t go against our rules above.

What am I Required to do?

It’s simple – when you sell a shoutout you need to do two things:

  1. Post the Shoutout – check the caption and make sure the account name works and the photo is acceptable quality.
  2. Send Screen Shotat the end of the post time period take a screen shot that clearly shows the time period it was posted e.g. 4 hours and the amount of “likes” received and send the screen shot to the customer and to

Specially crafted software for Instagram page owners who are serious about monetization.

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