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5 Ways to Reach Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Products ✔️

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To be successful in today’s marketplace, as an entrepreneur, you must identify and leverage the most effective distribution channels online – Learn 5 ways to reach Instagram Influencers to Promote your Products ✔️

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Simply put, find consistent and qualitative traffic sources for your online products as soon as you possibly can.

When you’re doing it right, your work becomes play!

In today’s post, we’re discussing Instagram and about its amazing influencing power.

Pretty quick, I’ll list some impressive Instagram engagement stats:

  • Over 30% of US individuals that earn over $70.000 yearly use Instagram. (source)
  • More than 1 billion dollars are spent on Instagram influencer marketing. (source)
  • The top 50 Instagram influencers have more than 3 billion followers. (source)

The stats aren’t impressive as long as you’re not involved in the process.

That’s exactly why, in today post, I’ll teach you several effective ways to connect and do business with Instagram influencers to promote your online products.

Pay attention and ensure that you apply!


1.    Figure Out Why Your Business Needs Influencers

Before you spend any time, money, and energy on certain matters such as influencer marketing, you must be certain that this is your best move at the moment.

You see, using the same resources to develop and strategize an Instagram ads strategy would be another alternative that may work even better.

Ask yourself: why do I need an influencer/more influencers now?

You know you do when wish to improve your brand’s awareness and reputation. If you’re looking for quick sales, this might not be the optimal solution.


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2.    Know Your Audience Perfectly

There are many elements involved in the entire “influencer marketing equation”. However, your audience is probably the most important side of the deal.

Think about it: you’re doing all this hustle to come to an agreement with certain influencers, only so your audience could benefit from it.

If they benefit, you’ll benefit.

Start understanding your audience even better, as it’s never too late to continue learning.

Test a few influencers and see how your followers react to each. Gather clues and repeat with an optimized approach!


3.    Research the Influencer Properly

When you’re researching Instagram influencers, one of the first aspects you’ll want to pay attention to is the quality of the influencer’s followers.

There are all sorts of Instagram pages – some of them are 100% real while some are 100% botted.

There would be no point in doing business with a fake page, so you’ll have to check the engagement rate.

Look around the page and see how many pictures are liked and shared.

See how many real comments the page has andresearch 10-20 followers and look for authenticity.

Depositphotos_13950114_m-2015-300x173 5 Ways to Reach Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Products ✔️ %shoutout4.    Instagram Micro vs Macro Influencers

First things first.

A micro influencer is a person who has less than 10.000 followers on Instagram.

A macro influencer is a person who has more than 10.000 followers on Instagram.

Should you choose a small influencer or a big influencer? This is quite general question because it depends.

It truly depends on your business objectives, on your budget, and also on your priorities.

When you reach a macro influencer, you’d better expect to pay well. When you choose a micro influencer, you must pay extra attention to his/her power to influence.

John Clark, Marketing Manager at Essay Geeks, suggests that “Bigger doesn’t mean better”.

You can opt for 10 small influencers who distribute content in different yet very similar niches and get a much better ROI than opting for 2 big influencers.

Nobody can tell you exactly – “you’ll have to test and see.”


5.    Build Solid Relationships

Any type of influencer marketing, whether its Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, requires communications and interactions.

If you want to promote your online products on a long-term basis using high-quality influencers, start developing solid relationships with each of the business partners you have. They’ll point you in the right direction whenever you ask them for extra advice, promotions, and connections.


Reaching Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Products is not rocket science – use to make your life simple and easy.. You must “learn the ropes” and get going on your own. After a few successful/unsuccessful influencing campaigns, you’ll have all the necessary experience to consolidate or even scale your operations.

Take advantage of our insights and get your products in front of hundreds and thousands of dedicated Instagram users and passionate niche lovers!

Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Google+.

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