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IGTV – Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube

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Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube? Instagram recently launched IGTV, a new platform that allows video producers to post longer videos on the platform.

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Previously, users were only allowed to post 15 seconds long Instagram stories and 60 seconds for the regular videos. IGTV enables users to upload up to 60 minutes long of video content.

The launch of this product brings a new player into the video sharing space that seeks to challenge established companies such as YouTube and Snapchat.

Another key feature of this app is users can watch videos vertically making it easy to use for mobile phone users.

Videos posted are easy to discover especially if a user follows the content creators.

According to Instagram officials, the release of IGTV comes at a time when the public is watching less TV and opting for digital platforms for videos.

The app seeks to eat into YouTube’s market share, but this is no easy task.

YouTube is an established brand with loyal customers who are already accustomed to it. IGTV realizes this and has come up with some features that rival those of its competitor, they include:


  1. Automatic Video Play

Unlike YouTube, IGTV will automatically start playing videos once you log in.

It eases the struggle one goes through to search for footage as it appears automatically on your timeline.

The application will play videos from those that you follow the most and love to watch their videos.

The success of Instagram’s live broadcasts and Insta stories played a part in this decision.

Insta stories of those you follow and watch appear at the corner of your timeline, and you click on the one you want.

An automatic play feature allows users to log in and enjoy videos from their favorite content creators.


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  1. It Uses Swipe Navigation

It is a feature that allows you to use swipe gestures rather than interrupting the full screen mode with navigational control icons.

You only need to swipe to see the next video while remaining on the same screen mode.

When you swipe, it switches to a new video that plays automatically.

It is an improvement from having to go back to your homepage and selecting another video manually.

Swiping sideways either takes you back to previous videos or next videos.

Swiping up will produce tabs Following, Popular, For You and Continue Watching.

A search bar also appears when you swipe up.


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  1. Boosts Creativity

Currently, IGTV does not allow advertisements so content creators cannot earn from their videos.

It sounds bad, but it allows creators to come up with creative content that attracts followers and also sponsors for their channel.

Having a huge number of people watch a video won’t cut it here.

Websites such as EduBirdies also give guidelines on how to boost your creativity.

Your video needs to be either informative, entertaining or educative to attract sponsors.

It’s important to note that sponsors approach you directly and IGTV has no part in it.

You may market their products in your videos and earn in this manner.

The creators say they are first seeking engagement with users before rolling out a monetization platform.


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  1. Continuous Watching

Unlike most video streaming platforms, IGTV lets you continue watching a video from where you left off.

The frustration of having to wait for a video to load up to the point you were at has been taken care of with this feature.

There is a scrub bar on the videos, so if you miss a part, you wanted to see you go back to that particular moment.


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  1. You Can Use the Original App to Access Videos

If you do not want to download the IGTV app, it is okay.

Your main Instagram app allows you to watch the videos.

There is an icon at the top of your account; you will find a button next to stories highlights that allows you to access this videos.

It is a plus for users since they can add this new feature without alienating other audiences or themselves.

Another key aspect of this app is it has integrated smoothly with other features that Instagram already had.

You can still share videos via messages, use filters and share to IGTVs parent company Facebook.


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  1. Vertical Format

Facebook launched Facebook Watch, but it has not picked up as anticipated.

IGTV, however, stands to work better for Instagram since most of its users already shoot and watch videos vertically.

Platforms such as Snapchat receive over 30 million views per month indicating that people have an appetite for vertical videos.


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  1. YouTube Is Facing Challenges

YouTube has in recent days experienced numerous hurdles from its monetization policy to offensive content from content creators.

Those that use YouTube in their day to day have been seeking a different alternative where they can share their content.

YouTube is regularly altering its advertising guidelines affecting how most channels earn money.

These shifts in policy are giving YouTubers anxious nights with some at the brink of suffering a breakdown as YouTube is their source of income.

IGTV has an opportunity to take these creators from YouTube and settle them in their platform.

Most of this people have a huge number of followers who will likely follow them to their new home.

Logan Paul also caused a public outcry with his insensitive video which YouTube took time before pulling down.

Child exploitation videos and concerns on monetization are some of the issues facing the company currently.

IGTV now has the opportunity to address all these issues and give its users a guarantee in its terms of use and privacy policy.


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  1. Available on Android and iOS

IGTV application is both available on Android and iOS systems.

It ensures that users on both platforms can enjoy watching videos from this app.

Mobile phone users can enjoy IGTV content without worrying about which operating system they run on.


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  1. Instagram Has 1 Billion Users

IGTV’s main partner Instagram currently boasts of over 1 billion monthly users.

It is an attractive platform for creators who wish to reach a massive audience.

A billion users ensure that content uploaded already has users waiting to consume it.

For creators, getting a ready market such as this, mainly dominated by youngsters, is a goldmine for them and may even boost them to global recognition.


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IGTV has increased the length of a video one can upload from a minute to one hour. Instagram is targeting a whole new generation who are already handy with video cameras and smartphones.

Although they currently do not allow advertisements, IGTV will soon enable it for creators to be able to generate revenue from their content.

Now Instagram influencers can earn a living by partnering with brands.

YouTube uses a horizontal format for viewing videos, and by choosing the vertical format, IGTV appeals to mobile users as well, and they make up a larger percentage. The possibilities in the video world have expanded greatly.


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