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Interview with Alberto Blanco Perez Founder and Head of SEO and AB+ Marketing Digital

Steve Wetmore – Good morning, Alberto. Today we’ve got Alberto Blanco from AB+ Marketing. And Alberto are in Valladolid, Spain. Now Alberto, if you could give us some information on who you are and what you do at AB+ Marketing.

Alberto Blanco Perez

Alberto Blanco – Good morning, Steve. Thanks for inviting me. I’m a digital marketing manager with a master’s degree in digital marketing and about eight years of experience between agencies and In-House. In my career, I have worked with all size companies, from hundreds of local small businesses to big multinationals, like airlines, Top Spanish telecommunication companies, or first division football clubs for example. At AB+Marketing, I’m the Founder and Head of SEO of the company and we provide mainly SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services, usually for medium size companies.

Steve Wetmore – Perfect. Well, here’s where we move on to the meaty part of our conversation. I’d like to get your insights on SEO trends that you find challenging, disrupting or as opportunities?

Alberto Blanco – In my opinion, we have to begin to stop thinking about a Google as a lone company, if we want to know where it’s going the future of the SEO, and start begin to look more to Alphabet as a company. I mean, Alphabet, that we all know is the mother company of Google, have been working more and more on the develop of mobile, and positioning themselves in the mobile sector as well as they develop more mobile related products, Android, Ok Google, Google My Business as its designed for mobile searches,… Its decisions are based in data… They work for simplify the searches, and satisfy their users. For example, we all know now that more of the 50 percent of searches are from mobile its not new, but Google developed the snippets and My Business and recent studies says now that more of the 50% of the searches doesn’t give a clic on the organic result…  If you want to take a look right now, and you do a search on PC for example for “Real Madrid”, in the results there are info about the company on the right, Ads, maps, info about the upcoming matches they are gonna play, rich snippets everywhere above the fold. If you are lucky, only one organic result, even where you can buy the tickets. So in the end with Google developing more and more snippets, and with taking consideration about all the things they have been working on for a while, for Android for Ok Google or local search, the feeling is that they try to satisfy the customer without organic results, so they can make more useful their assistant, and for us the SEOs, take us more and more effort to get organic visibility. Cool for their customers. Not so cool for SEOs. In the future, we could see that every year, there are more products, or more snippets, trying to satisfy a virtual Assistant, so they are more useful. My my two cents about the future in 2020 about SEO is that in surely, we are going to have more new snippets and less organic visibility, at least for the long tail searches. BERT, the last Google update published, goes directly on this way, improving the way the algorithm understand natural language. A step forward to understand better the long tail searches, and at the end of the day, almost every vocal search, is long tail. My advice, would be to check if you have to use other ways to keep your traffic at the top of the conversion funnel.

Alberto Blanco –  In my opinion, Google My Business are gonna be boosted next year. Google are trying to make it a must have for business based on physical stores. The addition of integrated chat on My Business with potential customers is just another example. So maybe you should check your My Business profile, update it, and begin to publish content to keep it alive, it’s gonna be worth it. But in my opinion, the biggest changes for 2020 are gonna be about content quality. Alphabet have seen that Facebook has been called to the US Congress, about fake news and political interferences in the US elections. In my opinion, they knows that the next could be them, as the algorithm offers information, and there is no way to check if this info is true or manipulated. Even right now, there are troubles as some people aren’t able to identify a fake new from a real one. But what about the children? What about the children that now are learning how to use a search engine, they are learning to use computers, and in the end, without any tool or knowledge about how to identify fake news from inaccurate info, or partial info, or real quality info. In that way, I think Google is working, and we have for example the algorithm update from August 2019 called Medic Update, pointed to the content quality for related sectors to personal financial or medical information.

Steve Wetmore – I think they have an acronym, Your Money Your Life.

Alberto Blanco –  Yeah, but the point it’s that I think that this sectors are just a training ground for the search engine. If you take a closer look, not only they are basic to people life, they are two sectors with plenty of community expertise, and with lots of papers and its more easy to check the info someone publish on their blog or website. Other sectors, like history for example, could be more controversial, and difficult to check the facts from the manipulated info. So If they can teach the algorithm with this two vertical sectors like they are self-care and money, they will be able to translate it to other ones in the future. So in in the next year, I think that we need to prepare, because sooner or later, could suffer a hit to your sector, and check if the content that you publish, or you have on your site, would need to be more clear, more useful and more worthy. The quality of this texts must be more accurate than a SEOs, a newbie to the sector, or scammer will be able to write. So I suggest to check your content marketing strategies, and take a spin to your quality content. Maybe could not be in 2020, but will be worthy sooner or later, and of course, it’s a must if you are on financial or medical sectors to do it as soon as possible.

The quality and accuracy of a text that a medic could write, its gonna be always more valuable than the quality of a text that a SEO can write about medical issues.

Steve Wetmore –  And I agree with that i I’ve done a little reading on how Google establishes authority. And they they will actually they’re looking for links from the blog article. that support the author of the article and Is this our author really an authority? And, and they say that, you know, part of that medic update is, you know being able to or Google is looking for links that will support the author’s expertise or authority.

Alberto Blanco –  Sure. Right. Sooner than we think, that links are gonna be more valuable. A few years ago, Google published a patent about checking the link quality based of the clics  a link get on the article they are embed, and if they publish it, could give lesser importance to links located on a footer, on the sidebar or in the header. They could be implemented soon, if you take into the equation that Google have published a few months ago two new kinds of tagging outbound links in your website than only follow and no-follow; they are the Sponsored and the User generated content, that means they are working on this areas.

Steve Wetmore – Okay, excellent. So thank you for that. Alberto. Can you also talk about what, what tools you’re using? And I think we discussed earlier that that Moz, AHRefs and SEMrush tend to be a very common collection of tools used by SEOs. Do you use anything different or unique?

Alberto Blanco – Well, It’s normal, they are the best in the market. In my opinion, a tool is a tool, and you have to use the best tool for the task you have to do. But one of the most I personally use, its Screaming Frog. In my opinion, when you have to do OnSite tasks, its one of my favourites. It’s a great tool and it gives you a quick sneak peek of info about almost every technical SEO Issue. Its very handy, very fast, and It saves you a lot of time in doing technical SEO.

Steve Wetmore -Well, Alberto I’m going to thank you very much for this great info and spending time with me explaining your perspectives.

Alberto Blanco – Thank you for inviting me.