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Why Instagram Analytics Matter

Social media marketing is a key component of digital marketing.  These days almost every company has a presence on social media, with various accounts on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.  Instagram alone has over 25 million Business accounts, with over 200 million users visiting a Business Instagram account daily.  A huge follower ... Read More

10 Ways to Get Viral Instagram Posts

How do you get a Viral Instagram Posts? Ever wonder why other users are attracting thousands of likes in one post? Here are 10 ways to go Viral on Instagram . . Is it just people have better smartphones than you do or are they using or doing something else ... Read More

Online Marketing Strategies For Customer Loyalty

Online businesses often focus lots of their energy and resources on digital marketing for the sake of customer acquisition. While acquisition is undoubtedly important, loyalty and retention is more powerful for your bottom line. Just a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to profit increases of up to 95%. ... Read More

Making money with Instagram Shoutouts

Making money with Instagram Shoutouts               What are Instagram Shoutouts? The problem with Instagram is that it is rather useless for online marketing if you have a poor following. You may have worked hard to increase likes and visibility, but if your account fails to grow organically, it can be difficult making money with Instagram Shoutouts . ... Read More

Instagram Captions – Learn What Works

Have you noticed that your posts aren’t being read, no likes comments or follows – learn how to use Instagram Captions to gain visibility.   Instagram is everything about visuals but you need to use text to ensure people pay attention to what is important to you the creator. Whether ... Read More

Reasons to buy Instagram comments

Reasons to buy Instagram comments Instagram is now one of the largest social networking platforms with around 700 million active users. The site has the potential to generate such great revenue that many Marketers are even working full time on their blogs. There has been much hype about the buying and selling of Instagram accounts, followers, ... Read More

7 Useful Tips on How to Grow Instagram Followers

There are more than 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, and the social network’s reach continues to grow. If you’re hoping to boost your Instagram presence and reach a bigger audience, then there are specific strategies you can implement. Follow these seven tips to grow Instagram followers on your page. Write Out a Strategy Before you ... Read More

7 Essential Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post

Technology makes our lives easier but not always simpler. Marketers have become more dependent on social media and more specifically on Instagram. Marketers have become dependent on getting more click throughs to their offer. If you are a Brand relying on your Value Proposition to drive sales via a retail ... Read More

Instagram Direct Messages offers Targeted Engagement for Brands

Instagram Direct Messages offer targeted engagement for Brands, it offers unlimited opportunities for engaging with followers. Instagram’s private photo and video messaging tool called “Instagram Direct Messages.” Close in functionality to Snapchat, Instagram Direct Messages allows users to send a video or photo to targeted users. Instagram Direct Messages is completely self contained within the Instagram App so ... Read More

How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

Find Your Niche First, you need to establish your niche. Your Instagram account must focus on something specific that will attract the right audiences. Common examples include: Travel Family Home decor Cooking or baking Fitness Tiny homes Are you going to have a creator account or business account? If you’re a small business, your niche should ... Read More

Buy Instagram Followers to Boost your Popularity

Buy Instagram followers to boost your popularity Have you been thinking of buying Instagram followers? If yes, then you can take comfort in the fact that in buying followers, you will not be violating any of the legal terms. In fact, there has been a huge trend relating to the buying and selling of followers. ... Read More

Buy Shoutouts to Grow your Account Today

Buy Shoutouts to Grow your Account Today   Are you new to Instagram and struggling to make your mark? Well, you aren’t the only one in same situation. Every day, thousands of users register an account on Instagram and wonder how they can grow their page to have millions of followers who would like and follow ... Read More

Top 100 Instagram Hashtags

Top 100 Instagram Hashtags – Check this out! If your plan is to reach a general audience this list will become tremendous resource for you. Just copy and paste this list into a Word document or note pad an modify to remove the statistics. Remember Instagram will not let you ... Read More

Instagram Direct Messages – Targeted Engagement for Brands

Instagram Direct Messaging offers unlimited opportunities for engaging with followers   They released a private photo and video messaging tool called “Instagram Direct.” Close in functionality to Snapchat, Instagram Direct allows users to send a video or photo to targeted users. This new tool is completely self contained within the Instagram App so there is no ... Read More

Top 5 Tips for Reaching Instagram Fame

Instagram is truly one of the best social media platforms today. Not only is it a great platform for sharing photos and videos, but it also a haven for marketing and growing an online presence. If you use Instagram, you probably follow many famous profiles. These are profiles of artists, models, entertainers, athletes, activists, and other ... Read More

IGTV – Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube

Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube? Instagram recently launched IGTV, a new platform that allows video producers to post longer videos on the platform.   Previously, users were only allowed to post 15 seconds long Instagram stories and 60 seconds for the regular videos. IGTV enables users to ... Read More

How Instagram Shoutouts Boost Sales

The influence of Instagram on business marketing strategies and sales growth is undisputed so it’s important to learn how Instagram Shoutouts Boost Sales. With around 80 percent of companies actively involved in social media marketing campaigns, it’s almost impossible to imagine a new product promotion outside Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, ... Read More

5 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Management

In this busy-bee world of ours, brands cannot afford NOT to be active on Social Networks, but who has the time so learn these 5 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Management. They are no longer a matter of option or prestige, but a matter of necessity. Social Media is your gateway to stronger bonds with your ... Read More

10 Tips on Creating a Social Media Bio that Converts

  It takes less than two seconds for someone to get a first impression of you so Creating A Social Media Bio that Converts – a first impression that will overshadow your entire future communication. Instagram is a huge platform to create an impact on people and impress them. So ... Read More

Creator vs Business: Which Instagram Account Type is Right For You?

There are over a billion users on Instagram, making it one of the best platforms to advertise on.  Yet you still have to make the decision if you want a business Instagram account or a creator account. Each has benefits for your business; you just have to decide what’s going to help you out the most.  You ... Read More

6 Ways to Change the Buying Decision Process on Instagram

  If you look into Instagram statistics, you’ll be surprised, to say the least. Here are 6 Ways to Change the Buying Decision Process on Instagram that might interest business owners: 72% of Instagram users say they’ve bought beauty-, fashion-, or style-related products after seeing someone brag about them on ... Read More

Boost your Account – Instagram Followers For Sale

Boost your Account Instagram is gradually gaining more and more traction as one of the most effective social media sites for advertisement. Currently, it has a very impressive user base of over 400 million people. The social media platform boasts of 150 million active daily users. This has led to a wide scale commercialization of ... Read More