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Instagram for PR: 4 overlooked ways to use the app

We have all seen and likely created a sepia-tinted, vintage-style digital photo on our smartphones using the photo sharing service Instagram. It makes our images look much cooler than they are, which is probably why the number of Instagram users is exploding from 15 million in early 2012 to 500 million users in June 2016.
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How teens use Instagram

Caroline Moss conducted an investigation of how teens use Instagram. It boiled down to three biggies: Strategic hashtagging, mass followers (it helps, at the start, to follow people who tag #followforfollow because they always follow back), and defining your own “cool” niche. Because once the sheen of high numbers is over, the people you go on following are those you know personally, or those whose aesthetics match yours.

Pro tip: an app called #TagsforLikes helps you tag your photos with hashtags related to a given theme broadening your reach.

Don’t abuse this magnificent new power. Moss’s advice: keep your photos good and your hashtags relevant. We like that.



Why Instagram is a great crisis tool

What’s the latest and greatest tool for crisis communications? If you ask Maureen O’Connor of NYMag.com, it’s Instagram. Her article, “How Instagram Became the Best Crisis PR” details how public figures are tapping the photo sharing app to clean up after their messes.… Find out more...