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Interview with Abhishek Yadav Founder of Baclinc Ventures

Abhishek Yadav
Steve Wetmore – Abhishek Yadav welcome to InstaVIP Podcast. Abhishek Yadav – Thanks for having me. Steve Wetmore – Would you please talk a little bit about who you are, what you do at your agency and touch on credibility relative to do you belong to any local or national associations?… Find out more...

Interview with Sarah McIntyre Founder and Chief Strategist at BRIGHT Inbound Marketing

Sarah McIntyre
Steve Wetmore – Good morning Sarah McIntyre calling out of Sydney, Australia area. Sarah is Founder and Chief Strategist at BRIGHT Inbound Marketing. Sarah, could you take a few minutes and tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do and talk also about your experience within the industry from a credibility perspective? Sarah McIntyre – I’ve been a marketer for over 20 years, I started my career in tech companies and startups, move to a few big global multinationals and then started BRIGHT Inbound Marketing in 2009.… Find out more...

Interview with Franco Valentino Founder at Narrative SEO, LLC

Steve Wetmore – Good morning, Franco Valentino. How are you this morning, Franco?
Franco Valentino
Franco Valentino – I’m doing great. Thank you, Steve. Steve Wetmore – That’s awesome. So, Franco, you are the founder of Narrative SEO, and you like to describe your organization as a collective of experts pulled together to, to solve problems for your client. Franco Valentino – That’s right.… Find out more...

Interview with Marc Brookland CEO with SEOLocale

Steve Wetmore – Good morning Marc. We’re welcoming Marc Brookland from SEOLocale in in the Philadelphia area. Today we’re going to talk about SEO and first Marc I’d like you to introduce yourself and talk about who you are and what you do.
Marc Brookland
Marc Brookland – Thanks for having me again.… Find out more...

Interview with Konstantinos Ntoukakis CTO & Co founder at Studio for Digital Growth

We are welcoming Konstantinos Ntoukakis today from . Konstantinos, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Konstantinos Ntoukakis
Konstantinos Ntoukakis – Hello, Steven, thanks for having me today.  So, a little bit about me, I am CTO and SEO consultant at Studio for Digital Growth, an agency I co-founded at the beginning of this year.  After working for many years in startups and multinationals, we observed the shortcomings of many external agencies we collaborated with, namely they put everyone in the same template and working with them just didn’t feel like working with a partner at all, and so together with my business partner we decided to start our marketing studio and bring this value directly to our target market which is online businesses. I started with SEO and digital marketing back in 2013, because I needed to know more around this field for another company that I co-founded,… Find out more...

Interview with Michael Georgiou Co-founder & CMO at Imaginovation

Steve Wetmore – Hello Michael Giorgiou and welcome to the InstaVIP Podcast. Michael Giorgio is co-founder and CMO of So Michael could you please introduce yourself and talk a little bit about who you are, what you do, and some of your accomplishments over the recent years. Michael Giorgiou – Yeah, absolutely.… Find out more...

Interview with Malcolm Graham of

Steve Wetmore – Today we are meeting with Malcolm Graham. He is founder and CEO of a and he’s going to give us his perspective and insights on SEO moving into 2020.
Graham Malcolm
Hello Malcolm welcome! Malcolm – Thanks, Steve.… Find out more...

Interview with Antonin Pasquereau of Black Cat SEO

Steve Wetmore – Today on InstaVIP Podcast we are interviewing Antonin Pasquereau of Black Cat SEO in Montreal, Quebec. specifically we’re going to be discussing the future of SEO in 2020. First Antonin will outline who he is and what he does at Black Cat SEO. Antonin Pasquereau – I’m originally from France and immigrated to Canada 15 years ago with a business school diploma.… Find out more...