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Certified “Blue Tic” Service™

“How do I verify my status on Instagram or Facebook with a Certified Blue Tic™?”

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Certified “Blue Tic” Service™

Certified “Blue Tic” Service™

This Certified “Blue Tic” Service™ is intended for celebrities or recognizable Brands or Businesses only . . . if you need to ask you probably don’t qualify. Our service cuts through the line and gets you certified within 96 hours of receipt of all required documentation or your money back.


Why use BuySellShoutouts.com?


We have the experience and knowledge to get qualified Celebrities, Brands or Businesses Certified within 96 hours (certain conditions apply)! Save time, stop spinning and get more information today.

Use our Service to get your Instagram or Facebook page verified!


Celebrity Documentation Required:

  • Scan of Drivers License or Passport as proof of identity.
  • Wikipedia URL
  • Any featured article and URL
  • Instagram or Facebook URL
  • Personal website URL
  • Musician – provide Twitter and YouTube URL
  • Musician – provide record label details

Business or Brand Documentation Required:

  • Business License – scan
  • Articles of Incorporation – scan
  • Registered Trademark details – scan
  • Website and Social Media URL’s

All documentation to be sent immediately following payment. Service will be completed within 96 hours of confirmed receipt of all required documentation.

Note: Celebrities Only Please


Certified “Blue Tic” Service™

This service does not make you famous – you must already have a significant amount of fame or recognition as an Individual or Brand or Business – you know who or what you are. We remove the obscurity of the approval process. What are you waiting for?