“How do I verify my status on Instagram or Facebook with a Verified Blue Tic™?”

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Verified / Certified Blue Tic Service™

Verified Blue Tic Service™

This Verified Blue Tic Service™ is intended for Music Artists. In some VERY LIMITED examples Recognizable National Brands or Businesses with an unknown minimum of real followers may apply for certification. 

We serve as a consultant for Music Artists and Celebrities looking to improve their digital footprint and niche authority.

We have the ability to apply for social verifications for accounts we believe may qualify.

Depending on your Credentials and Instagram or Facebook’s own processes, we’ve seen verifications take anywhere from 7 hours to several months. This is out of our control and wait time should be expected. Our fee and expected timing will be identified in our proposal. 

Learn how to apply for the Verified Blue Tic Service™ as a Music Artist or Celebrity only if you have an Instagram and Facebook account. Ideally the applicant has a YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter accounts, can provide record label details, personal website url, Wikipedia url and links to credible press articles.

The service is now free – visit our Blog article to learn how.

Why rely on BuySellShoutouts.com?

Save time, stop spinning and get more information from us today.

Certified Blue Tic Service™

This service does not make you famous – you must already have a significant amount of fame or recognition as an Individual or Brand or Business – you know who or what you are. We remove the obscurity of the approval process. What are you waiting for?

Certified Blue Tic Service™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if our Account is Approved?

A. If Instagram or Facebook does choose to verify your account, you will receive an email from Instagram and see a Blue check mark next to the account’s name.

Q. What happens if our application is denied?

A.  If your account is denied, in some cases, you are able to make an appeal to Instagram to take a second look. The wait time to submit the account again is a minimum of 30 days.

Q. What can we do if we are denied a second time?

A. Instagram does not provide feedback on accounts, reasons for denial, or suggestions for improvement. Based on our knowledge, these are recommendations to give your account the best chance at getting approved:

● There cannot be a noticeable trace of low quality followers on the account

● There should be no active use of bots or third party automation (follow/unfollow, etc.)

● Your brand should be in jeopardy of being imitated

● Your following should be impressive with an strong rate of active engagement

● You should have press articles, “proof” of music artist/celebrity/prestige, etc.

Q. Can I loose my Account Verification Blue Check Mark?

A.  If your verification gets revoked, it is because the account has either violated the platform’s Terms and Service or has become inactive.

If the account gets verified, it was in good standing at the time. You must continue to operate and post on your account actively.

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