Grow and Manage your Instagram Account Infographic

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Instagram Secrets Revealed

This is how professionals grow their Instagram account(s). use our Infographic, “Grow and Manage your Instagram Account” to learn.

A little know fact is that professionals do not rely on one Instagram page to drive their marketing traffic.

They will use 10 or 20 various Instagram pages to drive different niche targeted traffic to their land pages or “money site”.

Think about it for a minute; why rely on one Instagram source for traffic? why not have a 100 pages driving traffic to your landing page or “money page”?



Hashtags are the most misunderstood and underused resource in Social Media today. Marketing experts will tell you to use the “most popular” hashtags on a Instagram.

What do you think the odds are that if you use #instacool as a hashtag that people will see and engage with your post? Take a look at this #instacool screenshot:



Hashtag Selection

Look at this screenshot and you see over 82 Million posts. Your post quickly moves down the list and becomes lost forever. Hence the trick is to find hashtag groups that have less than 500,000 post per hashtag group.

Look through the hashtag group and determine if the majority of posts are from authentic users or posers. After spending a few minutes clicking on the posts and look at a variety of users you can quickly determine if this group matches your target follower niche.

Additionally, browsing through these hashtag groups is very interesting because you find Instagrammers that do some things very well but completely miss critical components (like hashtags) that could make their content go viral.

Finally, our infographic reveals simple steps that you can action TODAY to increase your Instagram page growth. Consequently, these are simple concepts that you will learn in a few hours. Get started today

Grow and Manage your Instagram Account


Instagram secrets revealed infographic

Infographic Grow Your Instagram Page