How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn

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How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn



If you are a regular visitor to our website and reader of our Blog articles you must be asking yourself “why are we publishing an article on Linkedin?”

Part of our Organic Instagram Growth services onboarding process has always been to encourage our customers to share content on their Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin accounts.

It’s important not to invest 100% of your Business, Brand or Personal collateral on one platform.

Ideal if you want to start leveraging LinkedIn so it works for you – How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn Today

Linkedin has revealed itself as one of the fastest growing and effective Business and Brand outreach platforms available today.

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How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn is by far the fastest growing network when it comes to generating leads for your business, with some niches getting as much as 80% of their social traffic via the platform.


In fact, LinkedIn helps you to:
Have un-gated access to decision makers
Distribute your content to a wider audience
Drive more traffic to your blogs and sites than other social media platforms
Generate more leads – it’s 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter

Source — Linkedin –

To ensure you get the most out of every second you’re on LinkedIn, we’ve put together the ultimate guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

From catching the eye of idle browsers to building your following and closing sales, you’ll be able to do it all with the click of a button.

All you need to do now is to absorb the following key points, then put them into practice.


Create an engaging company profile

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to create an informative and engaging profile.

It’s all about communicating your brand message and doing so in a way that makes you approachable.

Here’re five things that will set you apart from the competition:


  • Using your logo as your profile picture
  • Creating a banner that instantly tells the reader what the offering is
  • A tagline that’s professional, yet not overly sales-orientated
  • Using the Life tab (more on that a little later)
  • A clear and concise About Us page that introduces the reader to your brand

Here are some great examples that tick all the right boxes.

Linkedin provides these insights:


4 Elements of a Great LinkedIn Profile:

What does it take to have a truly great LinkedIn profile? I believe it’s a combination of four essential elements.

  • Are you an authority in your field? Show us the evidence.
  • Optimization for LinkedIn search. It’s not helpful having a great LinkedIn profile if nobody ever sees it.
  • Do you create enough of an impact to be memorable and inspire the right people to take action?
  • A connection to your target market. When the right people land on your profile, can they clearly see you are the person that can solve the problem they have? Make sure that is obvious.

Source — Linkedin –


Define your target audience

Your target audience is made up of the people you want to speak to, and you probably think that goes without saying.

The surprising thing is that when it comes to social media businesses can quickly go off on a tangent – go in the wrong direction.

Do you chase followers and connections for the sake of it?

Do you invest a lot of time in a blog and hope it makes all the difference?

Or do you do something else altogether?

The answer to all of these questions is that you need to define your target audience before going any further.

If you can’t create an avatar of who they are, and why they would want to connect with you, you’re not going to be able to find them.

If you can’t find them you won’t generate a single lead on LinkedIn, and all that work will be for nothing.

Sit down and ask yourself these three key questions before proceeding:


  • What do they search to try and find my services?
  • What problem(s) do they expect me to solve for them?
  • Who else are they following online?


Add all of your employees as followers to grow your network

Once you know who you’re targeting you need to start reaching out and building your network.

The larger your network the greater the likelihood of one of your posts showing up in a new client’s feed.

Start by adding all of your employees, and then ask them to share your profile with 10 of their most relevant connections.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes to your engagement, but don’t expect to achieve the heady numbers of other social networks.


How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn
Pexels –

Instagram may give you 10,000 followers in a few weeks, but hardly any of them are relevant.

LinkedIn has a much more focused approach when it comes to connections, so even if you only have a few hundred people that’s more than a hundred chances to make a sale and grow your business.


Actionable content is the best way to add value

If you want to understand what makes a great LinkedIn page, actionable content is one of the key building blocks you need to know about.

It’s all about allowing you to show different sides of your business to your followers by giving them something for nothing.

Perhaps you want to give them a how-to blog or a tutorial for free?

Or maybe you want to share a YouTube video you’ve made that brilliantly explains your industry in 5 minutes or less?

The choice is very much up to you, just make sure you keep things relevant and original.

Here’re four types of content you can use to add value straight away:


  • Explainer videos give your followers unique insights they can’t get anywhere else
  • Opinion pieces allow your followers to get more than just a sales pitch from you
  • How-to articles are a great way to pique plenty of interest in what you’re doing
  • Lifestyle pieces will allow you to humanize your brand and make people want to reach out


Harness the power of multimedia content

One of the most common mistakes is to bombard people with lengthy blocks of text and not a whole lot else.

Videos, blogs, social style posts, external links, they all need to be included if you’re to provide a rich offering to your followers.

It might feel like hard work to begin with when you’re used to just emailing, but it will certainly be worth it down the line.

No one likes to have to read pages and pages of text on their feed, so get creative and you’ll soon be attracting more customers.


Sponsored InMail allows you to connect with the right people

InMails are the best way to reach people when you want to discuss something one-to-one.

They’re more than 3 times as effective as email, and they’re a format everyone feels comfortable with.

The key thing to remember here is you’re reaching out to a person, not a department within a company.

Lead with a personal introduction, outline what you can offer as concisely as possible, and finish with a personable sign-off.

It’s the best way to maximize your chances of a timely response.


Sponsored content is a great way to build brand awareness

Sponsoring content will allow you to reach more people for a relatively small monthly spend.

If you want to be able to take your recent blog post viral, sponsor it.

Just make sure it’s relevant to the audience you’re targeting, and that you use the fields as accurately as possible.

It’s no use doubling your reach if you’re just doubling the number of low-relevance connections.


Use matched audiences to reach more people with text ads

Matched audiences are what every long-term user of LinkedIn ads waited for, and now they’re here.

By being able to target specific industries and professions you can put your content in front of the eyes of the people who want to hear from you.

It’s common sense why you’d want to do it, and it’s the quality of the execution that’ll make all the difference.

Spend some time thinking about the key industries you want to target and refine your searches until you can pinpoint your target audience.


Add lifestyle content to humanize your brand

Ripple is a great example of a business that uses the Life tab to put a human face to their brand.

There’s a lot to be said for being relatable and approachable, and lifestyle content is easily the best way to achieve it.

By giving people an insight into what it’s like to work with you, you can break the ice before they’ve even got in touch.

Just what you want when you’re trying to turn social media followers into long-term customers.


How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn by adding lifestyle content to humanize your brand
Pixabay –


Search for the individuals you want to do business with

Ask any paper writing website the secret to the perfect answer and they’ll tell you it’s being specific.

The same can be said of LinkedIn – the more specific the targeting, the better the results.

If there’s an individual you want to do business with, why not send them a direct message?

It’s the LinkedIn equivalent of approaching someone at a convention, and it’s a great way to be proactive online.

Make sure you find the right balance between introducing yourself and selling yourself, and you’ll be able to generate more new leads than on any other platform.


Join the groups that dominate your niche

Groups are a great way to leverage the interconnectivity of LinkedIn.

You may currently only have one lead, but it doesn’t mean that prospective client doesn’t know half a dozen others who would be interested.

By joining a group, you can put yourself in your niche’s shop window and attract attention from all around the world.

The key thing to remember is to come across as knowledgeable and personable.

If you join and instantly start spamming people with ads all that will happen is you’ll be quickly removed from the group.

Find the right balance on the other hand, and you’ll be converting leads into sales in no time.


Build your group to position yourself as a thought leader

Eventually, you’re going to outgrow the groups you first joined, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s a sign that your profile is headed in the right direction because you have a strategy that’s working well for you.

Next up you want to give some thought to starting your own group.

You want something niche, unique, and most of all useful.

These are the 3 things which will set you apart from all the other people in your industry and allow you to position yourself as a key thought leader.

Focus on writing detailed pieces for the specialists amongst your followers, and actively seek out comments and feedback.

Before you know it you’ll have a reputation as someone who’s constantly innovating and driving forward.


Respond quickly to your messages

Slow responses are one of the biggest LinkedIn mistakes, and it’s not hard to see why they’re so damaging to your lead generation efforts.

People want to get a response from you because they want to do business with you, so reply to them.

There’s nothing more to it than that when you get down to it.

Aim to respond to everything within 24 hours (same working day if you can) and you’ll dramatically speed up your conversion rates.


responding quickly to messages is one effective method to generate new customers on Linkedin
Pexels –


Read LinkedIn’s blog so you stay up to speed

The LinkedIn blog is such a natural place to look for hints and tips that it’s a wonder more people don’t make it their first port of all.

There you’ll find a whole host of new features and tutorials that show you how to get the most out of the platform.

Of course, they’re going to keep nudging you towards paid content, but it’s also a powerful way to reach more people.

Make a point of reading it once a week and you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of the curve.


Be flexible with your paid ad budget

Paid ads are one of the best ways to boost your reach, but they come at a price.

If you have a completely rigid budget from day one, then the chances are you’ll start missing out on growth opportunities.

There will inevitably be a little bit of trial and error as you find your feet on the platform, so allow for some flexibility.

As long as you have an upper limit you don’t want to exceed you’ll be able to master the basics without breaking the bank.

It’ll also allow you to try half a dozen different approaches in a relatively short space of time.

Ideal if you want to quickly home in on what works with your target audience.


Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve heard all about how to generate new clients on LinkedIn, all you need to do is start putting the hints and tips above into practice.

The secret is to get the basics right so you can build your campaign on a solid foundation.

Take the time to fine-tune your profile, define your target audience, and create a library of multimedia content they’ll want to see.

Once you have these things in order you’re then ready to start turning your attention towards the paid ads and sponsored content side of things.

Ideal if you want to start leveraging LinkedIn so it works for you – How to Generate New Customers on LinkedIn Today