How to Use Instagram Engagement Groups to Help You Go Viral

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Instagram has over 1 billion users, and the average user spends nearly an hour a day on the app. With so many users seeing so many posts, it can be hard to reach your audience. 

Instagram recently changed its algorithm. Instead of showing users every post in chronological order, they now show posts in order of how likely you are to interact and how many people have engaged with them.

To crack this algorithm, people are using Instagram engagement groups. These communities are a great way to gain interactions for your posts and get to know other users with similar interests. 

Keep reading on how to find Instagram pods to join, and how they can help you go viral. 

What are Instagram Engagement Groups?

IG engagement groups are private group chats made up of many users. These users all band together to create a system of engagement sharing. 

You can join these Instagram DM groups for likes and comments, but you are expected to like and comment on the rest of the users’ posts as well. Sometimes these groups are categorized by different niches, like wedding photography or foodie blogs. 

Most IG engagement groups have rules to follow if you want to be a member. These rules include engaging with a certain amount of posts or posting at certain times to receive engagement from other users.

There are some free Instagram engagement groups, but others will require a fee to join. If you don’t mind spending money, and you want to skip engaging with others, you can buy followers and engagement outright.

How do I Find Groups on Instagram?

One of the best ways to find engagement groups is to visit your explore page. These posts are similar to other posts you’ve liked. 

Once in the explore page, look for users with a high number of followers and engagement. This is a sign that those users could be involved in an engagement group. 

You can also reach outside of Instagram to find engagement groups. Websites like Reddit and Facebook have groups dedicated to IG engagement communities. 

Searching twitter hashtags also brings up different engagement groups. You can also find results for groups in a simple Google search.

How do I Join Instagram Engagement Groups?

The bad thing about Instagram DM groups is that they’re meant to be kept a secret. Most groups on Instagram are private pages. 

The easiest way to join is to find an account in your niche with high engagements. Direct message them and ask if they know of an engagement group to join. 

Once you’re added to the group, you’re in! The work isn’t over yet, though. 

Being in a group bears a certain amount of responsibility. You’ll have to keep up with all of the users in that group and their posts to reap the benefits. 

Get Engaged

Now you know how to find Instagram engagement groups and how to join them. The next step is to search for a group that meets your needs. 

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