How to use the Shoutout Instagram feature

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New to Instagram? Learn how to give a Shoutout Instagram?

How to use the Shoutout Instagram feature. Everyone is is using social media these days – all age groups participate.

From a kid of 10 years old to an elderly person, Millions have an account on one or more social media platforms.

Apart from allowing people to connect and communicate social, these platforms are a good way to express opinions, have fun, play games, and much more.

And so, every day, thousands of people join social media, but not everyone is the geek of the age.

Naturally, though they register themselves up at one or more social media platforms, they aren’t able to use them easily to their full potential.

They are not aware of all the features that the particular platform offers or do not know how should they exactly use the given features for their own benefit.

How to use the Shoutout Instagram feature

What is a Shoutout Instagram?

If you have recently signed up to Instagram, then you may be having a good time posting images and messages that are close to your heart.

You must have gained quite a few followers and likes and comments as well. But that’s not the entire thing.

Successful Instagrammers have thousands of followers on their account who appreciate and applaud what the person has to say or show.

And if you are willing to reach the same height of popularity or even more, you need to acquire followers for yourself and an efficient way to do so is Shoutouts Instagram.

A Shoutout refers to sharing someone’s post, sometimes their handle as well, to your audience.

You can do this when you find a post that is close to your heart or you think may be liked or enjoyed by your followers.

When you give Shoutouts to others, users will help you, provided your posts are meaningful and worth sharing.

Though you cannot expect everyone to do you the favor, some users will work with you.

How to use the Shoutout Instagram feature

Creating or giving a Shoutout is a very simple process with only a few steps involved:

Quality Photo or Video

You want a good quality photo, with the subject centered and focused.

The video can be as short as a few seconds up to 60 seconds long.

Make sure the sound is on!

Adding a Photo or Video

Add the photo to your post by clicking on the “Add photo” symbol on your Instagram account.

This will take you to your camera roll and you can add the image that you want to share.

Tagging the account

Tag the user in the Shoutout Instagram.

Use @ followed by the user handle to ensure that proper account is tagged or mentioned in the post.

Add a personal note

Add a small note for your followers about why you are sharing the account or message and share the same.

The Shoutout has has been published. Finaly you are done!