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What are Instagram Engagement Groups (Pods)?

Instagram engagement is a metric that identifies the level of affinity or interaction between the subject Instagram account and the account’s followers.

Everyone wants organic engagement from REAL Instagram users who genuinely and authentically love our images, captions and hashtags.

With regular and increasingly aggressive changes to the Instagram Algorithm, it gets more complicated to get your higher engagement or get your posts seen in the Tops Posts section of the feed.

Engagement on Instagram includes:

  • following
  • liking
  • commenting
  • clicking the link in the Bio
  • emailing from the Bio
  • phoning from the Bio
  • checking the business location from the Bio
  • mentioning users in the comment section
  • tagging users on a photo
  • direct messaging

Gain real engagement with the Authentic Instagram Followers Service by BuySellShoutouts. Real people will follow you from your target audience, helping you connect with people who want what you have to offer.

Did you know the average engagement rate for Twitter and Facebook is about 0.5-1% while the same content is able to reach an engagement rate of 3-6% on Instagram? As you examine the various ways a user can interact with an Instagram account, you’ll quickly recognize the power of Instagram as a marketing tool.

Is the most coveted high engagement “win” on Instagram gaining a new follower? The answer to this question depends on what your objective is. Are you an affiliate marketer that wants clicks to your offer or landing page? Are you an aspiring influencer that is working to create an authentic community? If you are excelling on all the main touch points, you have a higher chance of increasing your Instagram account engagement.

Instagram Engagement Pods – FREE List of 124 Groups ✅

How many times do you visit an Instagram page, look at posts without clicking on them and click the link in the Bio without following the account?

Read that question again. Think about it.

As students of marketing we are all inquisitive and continuously learning.

The majority of people reading this article are like-minded individuals: marketers and content creators that are working to monetize their Instagram account.

In fact, many highly successful marketers use Instagram to drive traffic to their website using our service outlined below.

So it should come as no surprise when you learn marketers are our best long term customers!

Even new marketers understand that traffic is more important than gaining worthless activity on others’ posts and followers from an Instagram Engagement Group or Instagram Pod.

Successful marketers use Instagram to create genuine interest from new and regular customers alike, motivating them to click the link in the Bio, visit the web site and buy!

Instagram Engagement Pods free list of 127 groups

How to Calculate the Engagement Rate on an Instagram Account

Some Instagram consultants suggest to calculate the engagement rate using this formula:

[(likes + comments of the last 10 posts, excluding the most recent one/10) / (number of followers)] x 100. 


  • 15,000 total likes (total of last 10 posts excluding the most recent
  • 2,000 total comments (total of last 10 posts excluding the most recent)

Formula: [(17,000/ 10)/ 30,000] x 100 = 5.66% (engagement rate)

This formula is flawed in that it only uses the 10 most recent posts. We strongly suggest you will get a much more accurate rate if you look at the last 12 weeks of posts and simply change the formula to align with whatever number of posts you choose to use.

A really good check to run on any social media account is found on Social Blade. Social Blade tracks user statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter! Get a deeper understanding of user growth and trends by utilizing Social Blade.

How do Instagram Pods Work?

Pods are always a private group of people on various social media platforms that require you to request membership or pay a fee. You can often find them on Facebook groups, Telegram groups, Telegram bots or Messenger groups , or via Instagram DM (direct messages) group.

Membership requires a minimum number of followers and your niche will need to align with the pod’s specific niche. Once you are accepted into a pod ,you will be required to like and or comment on recent posts by other pod members. As a pod member, you can plan to spend your spare time giving a lot of likes and comments to posts you have no interest in.

Pod rules vary from pod to pod, but they will usually watch and track your interaction or participation with the group.

If the “pod police” in a larger pod find that you are not operating within their rules, you will be removed and usually without warning.

Here are some simple universal pod or engagement group rules:

  • Drop – this is the term used for the time you have to complete your required action (like or comment)
  • Leech – this is the term used when someone does not do the required action
  • No Chatting – business only, so no chatting

Break the rules? Often you are banned with no warning. There are always a list of people waiting to join a good pod. You might be able to pay a penalty to be forgiven, but it’s not worth the risk.

Do Instagram Pods Get Results?

Always remember that participants in pods only Llke and comment because they must like and comment to maintain membership in the group.

So even though real people take steps to like and comment, isn’t this still fake engagement?

If a member leaves the pod, you can be sure that they will stop engaging with other members.

Pods promise these results:

  • Increase organic reach
  • Increase the chance of a piece of content ending up on the Explore Page
  • Increase the number of likes and comments
  • Build new connections

Why this “promise” can fail:

  • By definition, the reach is not organic because the engagement is contrived
  • Increase the chance to be seen on Explore Page? No one can define what “increase the chance” means
  • Increases FAKE likes and comments because engagement is fake
  • Does not build new connections because engagement is fake

Where do I Find Awesome Engagement?

You can find engagement here – Private Network Auto PowerLikes and Auto PowerComments

  • 100% real & active accounts
  • No fake or botted accounts
  • Likes and Comments from <1K – 1.1M+ accounts [Average 5K – 100K+ accounts]
  • Multiple networks combined – 50+ pods and private network groups
  • Member size – 100,000+ members
  • Total network – 350M+
  • Likes and comments come shortly after posting [Triggered by new post]

You can use the list below and invest HUNDREDS of hours making your account appear popular or you can get real followers here.

Instagram Engagement Pods – FREE List of 124 Groups ✅

  1. Private Network Auto PowerLikes and Auto PowerComments
  2. Boss girl bloggers Instagram Pod
  3. Comment Pods of Instagram: Dogs Edition
  4. Creative Compass – SEO, Marketing and Instagram Pod Group
  5. Fitness Instagram POD!
  6. Girls in Business Engagement Pod
  7. Ig/blog growing pod
  8. IGGainz – Instagram Comments & Likes Growth Group
  9. IG Mamas Mompreneur Pod
  10. INFLUENCERS + BRANDS: Influencer Marketing on Instagram
  11. Instagram Blogger Pod
  12. Instagram Blooming Pod
  13. Instagram Comment Pods™
  14. Instagram Elite Drop
  15. Instagram Engagement • Beauty • Fashion • Photography •
  16. Instagram Engagement Group
  17. Instagram Engagement Pod
  18. Instagram Engagement Pod – Comments & Likes
  19. Instagram Engagement & Support
  20. Instagram Engagement + Support Group
  21. Instagram Fabulous
  22. Instagram Followers
  23. Instagram Followers & Engagement Club
  24. Instagram Follow/Like/Comment Pod
  25. Instagram Follower Pod
  26. Instagram Growers – For Mommy Bloggers Only
  27. Instagram Growing Pod (LADIES ONLY)
  28. Instagram for Nomads & Travelers
  29. Instagram Growth & Engagement instagramgrowthandengagement/
  30. Instagram Growth – Private Network Auto PowerLikes and Auto PowerComments
  31. Instagram Growth – Organized Engagement Pods
  32. Instagram Growth Plus – Powerlikes and Pods
  33. Instagram Growth Pod –
  34. Instagram Like & Comment –
  35. Instagram Like & Comment Groups by Avenik –
  36. Instagram Marketing Mastermind –
  37. Instagram Marketing Mastermind PODS –
  38. Instagram Marketing Pod –
  39. Instagram Mom’s Community –
  40. Instagram Pod: Health, Outdoor Life, Fitness, Natural Living & Nutrition
  41. Instagram Pods –
  42. Instagram Pods (exchange likes+comments) –
  43. Instagram POD (LIKE+COMMENT+FOLLOW) –
  44. Instagram photography pod –
  45. Instagram Posse – Travel
  46. Instagram Travel Collaboration –
  47. Facebook and Instagram Comment Pod for Business Owners –
  48. Markestry Instagram Pod –
  49. Photographer Engagement POD – INSTAGRAM GROWTH 10k+
  51. Social Engagement Pod
  52. Social Media Pod (IG, FB, SC, YT)
  53. The Fashion Pod – Like Follow & Share – Facebook + Instagram
  54. The Instagram Pod
  55. Travel & Photography Instagram Engagement Pod
  56. Travel Instagram Engagement Group (The #Travelgram Posse)

Instagram Engagement Pods – FREE List of 124 Groups ✅ Instagram Pod Lists on WhatsApp – 14 Pods

  1. PowerLikes and PowerComments – by our site
  2. 10k + Bloggers Community –
  3. 604 POD- POST ONLY – FFKe4EJY93i4gucs7cauee FFKe4EJY93i4gucs7cauee
  4. Adsense Honest clickers –
  5. Bloggers nation –
  7. Foodgram 2.0 Elite –
  8. Influencer IG –
  9. Instagram comment group –
  10. Instagram Pod –
  11. INSTAPOD 5-6
  12. Istapods
  13. Like, Comment, Save (IG)
  15. YT – Let’s Grow

Instagram Engagement Pods – FREE List of 124 Groups ✅ Instagram Pod List on Telegram

  1. PowerLikes and PowerComments – by our site
  3. Alpha | Buy/Sell
  4. Apoc Market
  5. Beavers IG help & Market
  7. BLOGGERS | Dx5 | L&C
  8. Blogger Like Pod
  9. BOOSTUP Comments
  11. BOOSTUP Powerlikes
  12. COMMENT CHAIN Platinum media
  13. Creative Instagram Hub
  14. E1 – Market
  15. Engagement Groups
  16. EGN Buy / Sell Market
  17. ELITE – Chat Elite Market 2.0
  18. ENGAGE’
  20. Exclusive Model Fitness Actors Sponsored
  21. PowerLikes and PowerComments –
  22. Fuelgram – LIKES
  23. Growth | C&L | DX10
  24. IG
  25. WOW Likes Telegram social engagement group
  26. IGERS
  27. IGGainz – Telegram IG Growth List
  28. IGGainz – Telegram IG Growth List & Chat Room Links
  29. IGGainz – 24 Hour – LIKE & COMMENT Group IG
  30. Mass Likes
  31. InstaEmpire Market
  32. Instalove engagement
  34. Instagains 20K Bot Group
  35. Instagains 50K Bot Group
  36. Instagains 100k Bot Group
  37. Instagram like group (ita)
  38. Instagram Venture Market
  39. LIKES – GGM Like e commenti
  40. LoMa’s | Like4Like (DX5)
  41. Money Mart
  42. MM – Marketplace
  43. NSM- IG Follows, Likes, Comments
  45. Only like (ITA)
  46. Project Market
  47. RepublicSystem Likeround
  48. Rise | Dx3 | L&C
  49. Rise | Likes Round
  50. Seek Comments
  51. Seek Likes
  52. SocialElite-24H LikesOnly
  53. Super Dx5 Like+Comment
  54. Super Dx10 Like
  55. The Mom Tribe
  56. Women Empowerment Comment & Like

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Why do so many Instagram Engagement Groups (Pods) Waste your Time and Money?

The way Instagram engagement Groups work is that the owners of these private groups get Instagram users to join, usually for a fee. Then the owners schedule activity periods or specific times for the POD members, sometimes on a daily basis. During this activity period ,pod members must like or comment a members’ posts within a certain period of time or they get banned from the group.

Users can opt out of certain activity periods, but if they opt out too often they get banned. The entire time-consuming concept is designed to create activity for the sake of Instagram statistics. You gain worthless likes and comments in the hopes that some people might see the activity and join in.

None of the users in this group have any geniune interest in the user’s page they are liking or commenting on Instagram engagement groups, also known as Instagram pods, have NO authentic Instagram activity. If you are trying to monetize your account with Instagram engagement groups (pods) , know that they actually waste of a lot of time and money.

Remember: no one who is a member of an engagement group has any interest in the quality of your content. Group members are only in the group to get likes and comments that look real. Did you know that this type of engagement is meaningless and will never convert to a sale?

This is how Instagram engagement groups (pods) waste your time and money.

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Instagram Engagement Groups Waste your Time and Money