Instagram Growth Hacks

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Instagram Growth Hacks – these are the essential tools NOT tricks to make progress and grow your Instagram account.

Read on don’t waste any more of your valuable time!

Instagram Growth Hacks begin by answering the next question.

What is your plan? A wise man once said, “If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there” Your account must have a focused objective.

Accounts with random images and no visible objective will not build a significant following.

Use the list below to challenge yourself (be honest with yourself) and get to work!

What is the objective or purpose of this account?

What are my goals with this account? e.g. drive traffic to a web site?

What is the theme? e.g. Fitness, Motivation etc

What will my posts be about? e.g. will I mix motivational quotes with Fitness shots?

What message do I want to share? e.g. is this a “self help” page or “tutorial”

Instagram Growth Hacks

Hashtags – Why do you need to use hashtags?

You use hashtags to make your posts and content searchable; when people search hashtags and you posted with that specific hashtag they may find you.

How to Find Relevant Hashtags?

When using Instagram the app or desktop version look for the “magnifying glass” icon and in the box you see “search”.

Enter #and slowly start to type the term or name you want to use as a hashtag.

Instagram search works like Google Instant as it suggests hashtags as you enter characters aka “Autocomplete”.

Carefully review each hashtag and the audience using it and decide if this hashtag will benefit your account.

Saving and using Hashtags – You want to organize your hashtags in Evernote or Notes on your phone.

The reason we suggest Evernote is because you can access your anywhere. Instagram is a mobile app so you need this tool to be able to store and retrieve your hashtags for use when you need them.

When using a Mac laptop, iPad, or iPhone your Evernote account syncs automatically across all these devices.

If you use your phone notes, you can’t access them everywhere.

If you don’t have the time to do this work – try this Insta Authentic Followers