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Instagram For Branding

Businesses today are based as much on the quality of their products and services, as they are on branding. You might be offering awesome products, but if they are not associated with a brand, the success will be greatly limited. Branding is a long, hard and slow process, or so it was before social media.

Now, you can easily brand your business by showcasing it to your audience the way you want it to be seen, but this too will require constant efforts and strategic planning. The first step to branding your business on Instagram (and in general) will be to decide how you want your targeted audience to associate with it.

Many businesses make the mistake of looking for successful recipes for branding, and so they make their business affordable and exclusive, innovative and traditional and for young and for old, all at the same time. But that’s not branding, on the contrary, that’s spreading yourself too thin. You want to find a niche audience when promoting your business on Instagram. You cannot post pictures of a the sky followed by an important seminar on “How to Increase Employee Productivity.”

You will need to make your photos coherent and your strategy well researched and thought out. This doesn’t mean you cannot post pictures of a sky looking beautiful, this only means that it needs to have some association with your brand.

Build Momentum about Your Products or Services

Followers will associate your business with a specific product or service if they already have a connection with them. A lot of businesses today start building momentum about their products or services prior to the release in order to increase followers’ interest and knowledge.

You can also share pictures or videos of work in progress, or even the picture of your graphic designer with a thinking expression on and an interesting caption like “That’s how he came up with the awesome idea we will announce next week.”

You can also take tricky or confusing pictures or videos and ask your followers to guess what your new offering is and perhaps even offer a reward or prize to the one that gets it right. You can also lure them into checking your website out for more exclusive content. Be sure to add a link that goes back to a specific, relevant page on your site.


Nike Instagram Branding

Nike Instagram Branding

Asking for Feedback and Opinions

Your followers are your valued customers or potential customers, and so it is important that you make them feel special and let them know that their opinion matters. Ask them for feedback through photos and videos about their experience with your products or services.

Asking for feedback and addressing it will not only help create a bond it will also lead to more sales, and brand identification.