Is It Wise to Buy Instagram Accounts? 5 Things to Know in 2020

Nowadays, to make a difference in the world takes having followers that can spread the word about you and your cause. Instead of building a following most people want to buy Instagram accounts as an alternative.

However, before you buy an account from someone, you need to understand what happens when you purchase an Instagram account from someone else. In this article, we are going to give you some helpful advice before you purchase your account with built-in followers.

Be Prepared

It’s crucial to understand that buying or selling your account violates rules that have been put in place by Instagram. If they suspect that an account has been purchased or sold, they can terminate your account at any given time.

The reason that the rules are in place to keep accounts from being traded is that there have been cases where a person buys an account and they were scammed. When you’ve been scammed, there is nothing that can be done about it because what you did broke the rules, to begin with.

Choose An Account That’s For You

The last thing that you want to do is buy an account that doesn’t fit your personality or your brand. Therefore, before you buy an account, thoroughly browse the posts on the account.

If you realize that the posts don’t correlate with what you would like to post, avoid it. The last thing you want to do is buy an account and attempt to steer the followers towards your niche.

Have An Agreement

Before any exchange of cash or other forms of payment has been made, there needs to be a contract in place. Having an arrangement will ensure that both parties are legit.

Without a contract, you cannot only be scammed, but you won’t have any record as evidence of what has happened.

Get The User Email And Password

It will be horrific if you’ve paid for the account and forget to obtain the account’s email and password. This is something you should do in the beginning because it can keep the previous owner from following their account after selling you the account.

From there, you’re able to change the information and make it something that you’ll remember.

Are The Followers Legit?

There are tons of social media accounts that have followers that turn out to be bots. On some platforms, these bot accounts are shut down every so often.

The best way to check if the followers associated with the account are real is to take some time and check the follower engagement before buying the account.

Ready to Buy Instagram Accounts?

We hope that the advice we’ve given above will give you a better understanding when it’s time for you to buy Instagram accounts. Purchase accounts and do your research ahead of time to keep from being scammed.

If you’re looking for a reputable site to buy or sell Instagram accounts, contact us today. We can help increase your engagement without having to build followers from the bottom up.