Partner Tutorial

Partner Overview

In the video below, you are walked through the different parts of the Partner Dashboard. We recommend viewing this video first to familiarise yourself with the Dashboard.

In the Partner Tutorial we explain the following:

  • Partner Dashboard
  • Viewing Sales
  • What to do when you sell a Shoutout
  • Viewing Orders
  • Shop Settings
  • Adding a product (we add the product for you and send instructions via email)

Add Products

We need you to provide

  • Title
  • Image
  • Description of your page, demographics etc 300 words minimum
  • Tags
  • Category (if necessary)
  • PayPal email

Email this info to [email protected]

Managing Sales

Managing your sales is a breeze with the vendor dashboard.

When you sell a shoutout, you will be alerted via email. The email will include all details needed to post the shoutout including the image, shoutout caption and any other information.


How often will I get paid?

Payments are issued immediately via PayPal once the customer processes payment. Do other sites pay you immediately??

What are the requirements to sell on BuySellShoutouts?

To qualify for review for selling shouts, your Instagram page must have at least 50,000 followers and must get a substantial amount of likes per image posted. We DO NOT allow links to competing web sites in the Bio area of your Instagram page.

There are also several things the Approval Department looks for, such as the quality of the images, the amount of images posted, and if image topic is a good fit for our advertisers.

How much time will it take up?

Selling shoutouts through BuySellShoutouts takes the same amount of time as uploading a normal image to Instagram, seconds.

How much will I realistically make?

Your shout price will depend on the amount of followers you have, the content you post and the niche you are posting about. A very popular page can earn $100 per permanent shout. Here is an example of earnings below minus our commission.

$100 per shout – 30% = $70 x5 shouts in a week = $350 take home.

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