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We are all exposed to social media platforms on a regular basis. We won’t soon forget how the former President of the USA used to make a fool of himself on Twitter, but we’re not Twitter experts. We are Instagram gurus with the ability to help you build your audience without the use of Instagram ads or fake followers. To this day, more than 600 million people use Instagram every single day! These numbers continue to trend upwards, proving that Instagram continues to be a leading social network.

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Many people use Instagram as it was originally intended: as a photo sharing platform. One thing that is for sure is that people and businesses find new ways to use their social media accounts every day. Most companies now employ a social media marketer to help build their social media presence and reach more people.

Whether you are an artist seeking exposure for your work or a business owner look for new customers, Instagram is an ideal place to reach new audiences. You might have high quality, fresh content, great hashtags, and awesome giveaways, but Instagram is of no use at all if you have 0 followers…and that is where we come in!

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