A Shoutout – @SandraBullock_IG Fan Page

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A Shoutout – @SandraBullock_IG Fan Page

Welcome to the biggest fan page of Sandra Bullock on Instagram. We are at 1.3 million followers and we would like to provide you with some statistics of the account:

  • The current most popular locations are the USA, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Argentina.
  • 75% of our followers are between 18-40 years old
  • 40% male, 60% female followers.
  • +- 600.000 visitors a week

The most active times are between 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM EST.

We accept all kinds of shoutouts, as long as it’s in line with Instagram’s community guidelines etc.

Also, please do not write a caption that says that you are Sandra’s friend or a family member of her, we won’t post these type of things because we are not Sandra, just a fan page.

If you have any questions or special requests, leave us a message through this site.

We do not refund any running and/or completed shoutouts. Results may vary depending on the shoutout content so we can’t guarantee a certain amount of followers/clicks etc.

We will provide you with a screenshot when the post is done.


The packages of 5 posts need to be completed within 3 weeks. Please provide us with enough content and be clear about which post needs to be first (or if every post should be identical) and what time + days you would like us to post.

If the time/day is not available, we will let you know immediately and let you pick a different option.

Username: @SandraBullock_IG Fan Page

  • High Quality Shoutout
  • Fan Page
  • 1.3M+ Followers
  • 600+ Posts
  • Highly Active content posted Daily

1. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol related posts.
2. No false advertising, spams, scams, make money or “get rich quick schemes”.
3. All posts must be suitable for all ages.
4. No spammy captions or “win shoutout for follow”.
5. Only one Instagram profile can be tagged per order.
6. No nudity, No sexual content or references, No profanity or Animal abuse.

You are purchasing a SHOUTOUT, not followers. I do not guarantee a certain amount of Likes or  Followers, Fame or Popularity from my shoutouts! Results will always vary. We will do shoutouts for anything that doesn’t go against our rules above.


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