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    *1 month post2post (You will get one month shoutouts - at most 30 updates. We will publish the first shoutout, and it will be deleted when the second one will be published, the second one will be deleted after the third one is published... This would continue for 30 days, and you can update at most one shoutout per day. The last shoutout will stay at least 30days.) Images shouldn't be subject to copyright. Number of hashtags should be up to 30. Number of characters on the caption should be up to 2200. Your pic shouldn't be a subject of copyrights. Your advert shouldn't be the same or similar to our current clients. No nudity, pornography, violence, abusive content or hate language
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Shoutout – @CuteCatsKittens – For commercial – noncats pics the price is $50 for permanent shoutout.

Shoutout – @CuteCatsKittens – On every shoutout you can choose the publishing time and your own desired hashtag, text description and call-to-action.

If you additionally like your URL at our bio description (clickable URL field), it will cost you $5 for the first 2 hrs of your shoutout.

We promote cats or products related to cats.

Our followers are high targeted,  REAL cat owners or cat lovers, most of them from USA.

You can choose the publishing time and your own desired hashtag, text description and call-to-action.

We will tag you on the pic and on the text.

Best time to post is 2:00PM-7:00PM EST.

All of the pics gain four-digits likes.

We reserve the right to refuse your request if it is against Instagram rules.

  • High Quality Shoutout
  • Pet / Animal Niche
  • 266k+ followers
  • 6,000+ posts
  • Regular content posted

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