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About Service offered: Shoutout – @Foodyatra

Shoutout & Feature from @foodyatra – We will post your photo and link to your business/store/profile on the Instagram account with 100% real followers. The account has over 800+ posts, 3000+ likes and comments per post, 100k+ followers and multiple features on explore page. Link to your store/product/profile in our bio stays there AT LEAST for 24 hours, but often much longer!!

The focus of the account is exclusively FOOD, diet, nutrition, healthy eating, clean eating, organic foods, cooking, nutrition, restaurants, coffee, cocktails, cooking, events etc. As you can see from the numbers – It’s a great quality account with a lot of active followers, many views, comments and likes per post. All photos are very high quality. This account is growing very fast, you will get a lot of traffic to your page!

Our audience is both hyper-targeted local and global based on your location so you will always get the best i.e. local attention and a global footprint!

About FoodYatra: Shoutout – @Foodyatra

FoodYatra combines the spirit of embodying food & nutrition and pairing it with “journey/ travel”. Put together, “Food Yatra” signifies the spirit of nutrition, wanderlust, cravings and fitness. Be it traveling for food, discovering new food, the journey in search of delicious food, your foodie travelogues, seeking a healthier lifestyle – everything falls under Food Yatra. We are building a brand to showcase restaurants, events, foodie findings, hidden coffee shops, speakeasy bars etc. The most important part is giving a platform to fellow Food, Fitness, Lifestyle, Travel, Health and other Influencers who want a voice for the audience.

Our work and hence FoodYatra captures the best of both worlds. You will see lip-smacking food to a platform to highlight influencers and creators that are trying to breakthrough in their industries.

FoodYatra is hence opening its doors for influencers like you to expand to a global community and your niche!

Shoutout – @Foodyatra

  • High Quality Shoutout
  • Food / Nutrition Niche
  • 102k+ Followers
  • 850+ Posts
  • Highly Active content posted Daily

1. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol related posts.
2. No false advertising, spams, scams, make money or “get rich quick schemes”.
3. All posts must be suitable for all ages.
4. No spammy captions or “win shoutout for follow”.
5. Only one Instagram profile can be tagged per order.
6. No nudity, No sexual content or references, No profanity or Animal abuse.

You are purchasing a SHOUTOUT, not followers. I do not guarantee a certain amount of Likes or  Followers, Fame or Popularity from my shoutouts! Results will always vary. We will do shoutouts for anything that doesn’t go against our rules above.


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