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Product Description

@Instaesthetics – The most aesthetic page on IG!

It all started with a passion. A passion for fitness. Thom set up the Instagram account which first had an other name but the name can not be remembered. Very soon after Thom made the Instagram account, he asked Ivo to help him with the account. The reason for this is because it was hard to upload consistently as he was busy with school and sport. So does Ivo but together we can provide our followers of more and frequent content. Together we came up with the name @Instaesthetics. It was already decided that it would be an account meant for the fitness community.

We upload fitness related posts, with the purpose of motivating and inspiring fellow gym bro`s and girls. Besides that we do our best to make them grin! The uploads consist of gym memes, athletes and gym related video`s. Instaesthetics does upload pictures send by starting athletes if we are astonished by the effort or the “aesthetic ness” of the persons picture.

@Instaesthetics is set up on December 21th 2015, that means it is almost 1 year old. Over this year we uploaded close to a thousand pictures and videos and it has grown to over 140k+ followers. At the moment we get about 600 likes on a “bad” post and a “good” post will usually get about 8,000 likes or more.

When we started, the uploads used to be more about all kind of athletes but over time this transferred into memes. In the future we are planning to focus more on uploading athletes. The reason for this is because athletes can give people a goal to work for, which hopefully results in motivation for our followers plus we think it fits the name and the account better! Besides that our community seems to like it! However we will still continue to upload gym memes. Also we will do our best to upload more frequently through out the day.

We of @Instaesthetics will be happy to help costumers with growing their Instagram accounts or with promoting their products!

Username: @Instaesthetics

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