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Shoutout – @ThePadloPadlock

Are you looking to promote your business or products through an immensely diverse and localized influencer? Look no further, you’ve found your account! @thepadlopadlock is a fun and engaging account that goes through the daily life of Matt Padlo. Posts including everything from workout and vacation vlogs, to pictures of welding, music, his girlfriend, gym goals, products, art, and much more.

This account has a predominantly US following, with a focus on CA. Both men and women follow and engage with @thepadlopadlock especially within an age range of 18-24 and 25-34.

A few companies that have already found success working with @thepadlopadlock are See’s Candy, LifeAid, Rugged and Dapper, Staunch, Ingram’s Music, Steel Works Welding Assembly, and Energy Muse.

This account would highly benefit fitness accounts, body builders, fitness personalities, lifestyle accounts, health products, fitness products, musicians, singers, concerts or music promotions, Instagram Models, etc.

Shoutout – @ThePadloPadlock

I take shouting out your profile/company/brand very seriously and I will work to make sure your post gets in front of as many eyes as possible. Your success, is my success. I have worked hard and have put years of time and money into growing a quality following. I am proud to present my platform to you for you to market and promote on.

Matt Padlo is a 26 year old Micro Influencer in Turlock California. He works as a welder and metal fabricator at his family business. Prior he worked as a music instructor for 8 years and loves to teach and perform whenever he can. He studied music at California State University Stanislaus and graduated from Modesto Junior College with a degree in Welding Technology. Matt is an avid bodybuilder, who is always looking to grow and improve himself, while inspiring and encouraging others to be the best that they can be. He has worked at Expos to help promote brands and businesses first hand.

Thank you for your interest in my account. I look forward to working with you soon.

– Matt

Shoutout – @ThePadloPadlock

  • High Quality Shoutout
  • Lifestyle / Fitness / Music Niche
  • 62k+ Followers
  • 400+ Posts
  • Highly Active content posted Daily

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2. No false advertising, spams, scams, make money or “get rich quick schemes”.
3. All posts must be suitable for all ages.
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