Promote your products with a Shoutout on Instagram

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Promote your products with a Shoutout on Instagram

Instagram offers enough opportunities to build and promote your own brand, but these tend to be effective only as long as long as you are getting enough traffic to your pages. More the visibility, more the popularity. You may spend hours creating your posts, but if you do not work on ways to promote your visibility, the efforts are not going to be worth it. Here are ways which can help you attract more followers.

Promote your products on Instagram

Promote your products with a Shoutout on Instagram

  1. Create Interesting Content

The content of a blog has lots to do with the popularity. Do not post materials that are too mainstream. People love unique and out of the box ideas. You can create a niche around something that will allow you to come up with something interesting every time you post a content. Also, it is important if you stay away from sensitive topics if you want mass following.

Whenever you are starting, upload enough contents to keep the visitors engaged for some time. This way, the audiences will have a better chance of understanding your blogs and you will have higher chances of getting revisits from the audiences.

  1. Choose an interesting username

This may sound cliché but it is worthy of mention. Your username has a huge role in deciding your popularity. It helps to have a username that is catchy and easy to read and remember.

  1. Team up with fellow Instagrammers

This is one of the most effective strategies to increase your visibility. Working like a lone wolf is not quite the thing when it comes to social networking. You will have to resort to as many options as possible. The smallest of things can sometimes act as game changers.

Find out if there are people posting similar contents as yourself. Connect with them and ask for promotions. Even if you succeed in directing 20% of the traffic from his account to yours, it would increase your visibility by a great deal.

Shoutout on Instagram

Many popular Instagrammers promote other budding bloggers in return for money. This way, you can have a network of links redirected to your account. This is exactly what is known as a shoutout on Instagram. This strategy can guarantee you instant fame and higher chances of attracting more followers. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind when you are starting a network of shoutout on Instagram.

  1. Two is always better than one

Try to advertise your links in as many shoutouts as possible. The more traffic you receive, the better it is for you. The most important thing is to have followers. After that, you can use the fame to your advantage.

  1. Choose your promoters carefully

If you are creating contents for fashion, then it is no good to have your brand advertised on blogs dedicated to gaming. You have to make sure that the audiences visiting your shoutout on Instagram will be interested in yours too. You should also be careful that you do not connect with the accounts that may harm your reputation. For e.g., If your sites are very similar but not as interesting as your shout out on Instagram, the audiences will definitely give a higher preference to the promoter. Therefore, it counts to plan your strategies carefully.