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The Benefits of Using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product

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The Benefits of Using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product


Do you use sponsored posts to promote your product or brand?  You should!  Let me introduce you to the basics of using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product.

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What is a Sponsored Post?


Quite simply, a sponsored post is blog content that a company pays to have featured with the explicit goal of advertising and promoting their product.

In fact, in my experience as a writer, this has usually meant that I was paid for writing the post and/or given a product.

For example, when I wrote a sponsored post for McCormick on TOTS Family, I was paid $50 plus given $50 for ingredients.

The company had specific requirements for my post. I had to choose my recipe from a list they provided.

I have also written many book reviews based on books that the publisher provided.

Here is an example of a post image created for a leading consumer packaged goods company.

Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product

Sponsored Posts: Not just another Ad


There are so many ways to promote your brand, and they all have a place.

So traditional forms of advertising may still bring in some business, but they tend to be expensive and the fact is, people spend a vast amount of time online looking at a vast amount of information.

You need to go where the people are, and you need to utilize all the avenues you can to get your name in front of people.

People in this internet era expect more from the companies they purchase from.

Additionally, they want to know more about them.

A sponsored post is an excellent opportunity to highlight brand features such as sustainable or ethical practices.

The longer format is an opportunity to convey information that a small print ad or social media post couldn’t get into.

Readers can get to know what sets your product apart and above the competition in a more personal voice.

Offer Value


Sponsored posts are an opportunity to offer something of value to your potential customers.

In the example above, it was a recipe. I own a vacation rental, and I’m thinking about doing some sponsored posts.

My topics are on packing for a family vacation, tourist destinations in Maine, and more.

Depending on your product, it could be safety advice, parenting tools–anything related to your brand!

Make sure it is easy to find your products by using “Links” in the sponsored post.

I hope you now have a clear idea of the benefits of using sponsored posts to promote a product. In the second part of this series, I will describe who you can expect to reach with your sponsored post.

The Benefits of Using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product