The Pros and Cons of Automation: Instagram Auto Likes and More

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Have you ever heard two people debating whether they should just bite the bullet and purchase followers? Yes, that’s where we’re at as a society; buying praise. 

All kidding aside, buying likes and followers can be a beneficial marketing tactic for some businesses and aspiring Instagram influencers. 

But the debate remains: are Instagram auto likes harmful or helpful? There are many pros and cons of Instagram automation to consider. Learn about them here.

What Does It Mean to Buy Followers and Likes?

Think of Instagram as a big popularity contest. The more people who follow you and like your content, the more people see your content.

If you have ten likes on a picture of the new t-shirt design your fashion company created, you’re only organically reaching ten potential customers. On the other hand, if you have 150 likes, you’re organically reaching 150 customers. 

On top of the initial audience reached, Instagram displays stories and posts that have a lot of likes on its discover page. The discover page is where Instagram users go to scroll for hours and find something interesting. 

Content with low engagement never makes it on the discover page. But it’s every Instagrammer’s dream to make it on the discover page. 

Common Misconception About Instagram Auto Likes 

There are a lot of people who insist Instagram like generators are just spambots and to avoid. But that’s not true in most cases. Sure, imposters exist in any artform, and Instagram auto-likes is no different. 

Real Instagram auto like bots engage with real Instagram users and can significantly affect your organic reach. 

Benefits of Instagram Auto Likes

First and foremost, Instagram auto likes save time and effort. After all, you’re running a business, not a marketing firm. Even if you’re running a social media marketing firm, there’s nothing wrong with starting a fire by providing a spark. 

Auto likes are especially helpful if you’re not in tune with current social media practices. The average business owner has a plethora of responsibilities to consider. Businesses have payroll, labor, and inventory issues to worry over.

Those issues are more pressing than generating traffic on Instagram. So why stress about what you can’t do instead of taking the easy route? 

Instagram auto likes also don’t take breaks like employees. Once you implement the tool, it works around the clock. 

Lastly, Instagram auto likes convert your likes to organic traffic. So next time you bash auto likes as “fake,” remember, the likes themselves may not be real, but the results they produce are genuine. 

Instagram Auto Likes Point You in the Right Direction

Instagram auto likes aren’t the end-all-be-all for social media marketing. But delegating the responsibility to a bot can take unnecessary pressure off your shoulders. You can also learn marketing strategies based on what the Instagram bot provides. 

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