Top 5 Tips for Reaching Instagram Fame

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Instagram is truly one of the best social media platforms today. Not only is it a great platform for sharing photos and videos, but it also a haven for marketing and growing an online presence.

If you use Instagram, you probably follow many famous profiles. These are profiles of artists, models, entertainers, athletes, activists, and other prominent individuals who create and share engaging content with their followers — sometimes in the tens of thousands, and sometimes in the millions.

So how do you achieve Instagram fame? Do you crave to one day be on the same level as these Instagram celebrities whom you admire?

All You Need to Know About Achieving Instagram Fame

All You Need to Know About Achieving Instagram Fame

Before you jump into the tips, you have to first consider your equipment. If you are serious about becoming Instagram famous, you need to make sure that you are using the best quality camera phone for your photos and videos.

You should also invest in a portable external hard drive where you can store all of your content. You will have to share more content than usual and you must have a backup where you can store this content.

Once this is sorted, here are the top tips to achieving Instagram fame:

Growing Your Followers

Growing Your Followers for instagram fame

The first step on how to become Instagram famous is to gain more followers. The journey on how to gain Instagram followers is a lengthy one, so you have to be patient.

The first thing is to produce content on a regular basis. Take a look at your current layout of content. What is the average gap between posts? Is it 2 days? 1 Week? Do you ever go months without posting? If you don’t post on a consistent basis, you can expect to gradually lose followers.

You should also consider, if you wish to expedite this process, of buying followers. While this is often shunned and discouraged by many other marketing guides, it can be very helpful in promoting your profile and growing your network of followers.

Show Yourself

show yourself for instagram fame

To achieve Instagram fame, you have to make your face familiar to your followers. Wherever possible, make sure the majority (if not all) of your content shows your face.

On occasion, you might have photos of others, of objects, or of something unrelated to the theme of your profile. However, to be successful you should be the focal point of the majority of your content.

If you have a group photo where you are standing in the corner of the group and another where you are standing in the center, only the second one should be posted.

Focus on Your Bio

Focus on Your Bio for instagram fame

Your profile’s bio should be regularly updated and written with care. Your bio should describe who you are, your achievements, a unique personality trait or taste, what your mission is, and a Call To Action to click on your link.

For example, a travel blogger might write their Instagram bio as follows:

  • Writer, 190 Countries So Far, Luxury Traveler (1st Line; Profession, Achievement, Taste)
  • Love to explore cultures (2nd Line, Mission Statement)
  • Currently in: Japan
  • Email me/Call Me: XXXXXXXX
  • Follow my travels: (This is the last line that works as the Call To Action and is above the link)

The link should be to your website, YouTube channel (or latest video), OnlyFans, or to a LinkTree (or similar service), or to a product/service landing page.


use captions to help gain instagram fame

You have to give importance to the captions included with your posts. These are meant to give further insight into your content. These should also serve to encourage your followers to share your post with others.

For example, around election season many Instagram celebrities and influencers will post an image or video relating to the voting process, or whom they are voting for. In the caption, they will discuss the importance and privilege of voting. If advocating for a particular politician/policy the caption will explain why they chose to vote this way.

The caption will end with encouraging (Call To Action) others to exercise their right to vote. This is the model that your captions have to follow.

You should also use as many hashtags as you can. Make sure you master how to properly use hashtags so you can use them to gain attention to your posts. 


use engagement to gain instagram fame

If you want to achieve Instagram fame, you have to make yourself accessible to your followers. What distinguishes a social media celebrity from a traditional celebrity is the barrier between followers and the celebrity.

Most of us can only fantasize about engaging with a traditional celebrity. With an Instagram celebrity, it should be expected whenever possible.

For example, if you reach a milestone — such as acquiring 1,000 followers you should make a post thanking your followers. They will feel that you are speaking to them directly.

If you get a new follower, you might want to consider sending them a welcoming ‘thank you’ direct message.

If you receive comments on your posts, make sure to respond to them when you can. For example, Instagram models often reply with a thank you message when they receive a compliment on their looks.

You can use the ‘Questions’ feature on your Instagram stories so that your followers can answer your question that you post to them. You can share their answers to your story to make them feel special.

You want to think carefully about responding to haters and trolls. The more popular you get, the greater the likelihood that you’ll come across these unpleasant individuals.

The best thing is to ignore them. If you can come up with a sly remark or rebuttal, then go for it. But best is to not waste your energy.

Journey to Fame

 you are on your journey to fame with instagram fame

Now that you know the top tips for achieving Instagram fame, you can begin your journey to fame. Make sure that you spend time each day creating content, engaging with your followers, and enhancing your profile.

It will be a long journey, but if you follow these tips you will achieve Instagram fame and you’ll never look back!

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