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Who Will Read Your Sponsored Post?

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Who Will Read Your Sponsored Post?

In the first part of this series, I talked about what a blog post is. Now, I’d like to talk more specifically about how to purchase Instagram followers and who will read your sponsored post.

how to use instagram for your advertizing campaign

Direct Blog Readers

This is the obvious reach of the post, right?

A good blog will have followers who read it regularly and will see your product on one of the regular visits.

Additionally, there will be readers who come directly to the blog from a search engine–choose a blog with plenty of traffic that is relevant to the target demographic of your brand.

For example, TOTS Family is a blog that is supported by 133k followers on their Social Media accounts (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.)

With 43k monthly users and 57k pages views monthly, your sponsored post will certainly be seen! 82% of visitors are from the US, 45% between the ages of 25-34, 21% between ages of 35-44 and 92.5% female audience.

This isn’t perfect for every brand, but it might be perfect for you if your product is meant for women between 25-45, especially moms!


Social Media Followers

What does a new brand need?

A network!

One great advantage of having a sponsored post on a well-established blog is that they will have a more advanced social media network already in place.

I would make it a requirement of the post that it be featured on the blogs social media, but chances are that it will be, anyway.

The blog’s product is–of course!–the blog! So they have their own built-in incentive to get your post seen.


Word of Mouth

When is reaching five or ten people better than reaching 300?

When they actually buy your product.

It’s great to get the word out to a wide audience, but I think it’s important to acknowledge the even more direct communication that takes place between you and the writer who takes on your post.

In my previous article about sponsored posts, I mentioned a sponsored post I had written for McCormick.

Do you think I told my friends and family about that?

I’m getting paid to make dessert!

Of course I told them!

And fed them to boot!


Sponsored Post Opportunity

If you now agree that a sponsored post will be the boost your brand needs. Use TOTS Family to get your name out!

There will be no question who will read your sponsored post.