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Interview with Rintu Biswas, founder of Digital SEO Land

Steve Wetmore – Welcome Rintu to the InstaVIP Podcast. So Rintu you founded Digital SEO Land and have been enjoying success these past few years.

photo of Interview with Rintu Biswas, founder of Digital SEO Land

Rintu Biswas – Hi Steve, thanks for having me. To be very honest, this is my first ever interview. So, I’m a little bit nervous today. I’m Rintu Biswas, founder of Digital SEO Land, SEO service and course providing platform. I’m from Kolkata, a well-known city in India. I heard about SEO in 2011 for the first time and it intrigued me a lot. I have never learned SEO before… So, it was very difficult for me to work in the SEO field at that time. During my office days, I frequently asked my senior SEO colleagues to help me with SEO. Fortunately, that helped me out a lot. But, sometimes they got irritated. I can understand why. As they had their own SEO works. As a result I was scared and confused about my SEO career. Then, one day I decided to learn SEO on my own. Hence, I started digging into Google and finally, I SEO basics. That was a great feeling for me! However it took me almost 4 years to learn basic SEO concepts. The inspiring thing is now I provide SEO training and am a well-known SEO guide for many students in the city.

Steve Wetmore – Ok very interesting Rintu. Please give us some background on what SEO services you provide.

Rintu Biswas – As I just mentioned I provide SEO services globally. Along with SEO I also provide content writing services. I have a dedicated content writing team. And of course, I have SEO and link building courses both online and offline. I have a team who work for me remotely. Basically, I have built a freelance SEO team. They are young and very passionate about SEO, trying to learn new things every day. The truth is SEO is such a vast and dynamic subject, and it encourages me to learn new things. I’m very curious to learn new SEO techniques (especially link building) everyday. When I get time, I play with my little Son (Areeb)

Steve Wetmore – Ok Rintu please discuss your accomplishments over the recent years.

Rintu Biswas – Ok well (A) I never stop learning. (B) I have learned SEO by myself. This was a BIG challenge for me. I often failed but never gave up. An interesting fact is that today I provide SEO services and SEO courses. I’m very thankful to Mr. Brian Dean, Nathan Gotch, and Neil Patel. They are my SEO inspirations. And (C) When I find interesting SEO strategies, I save that immediately in my computer hard disk and try to implement to see how it works in real life. Most of the time I succeed.

Rintu Biswas – My Big Successes 1) In recent times I have successfully ranked my link building guide article on Google’s first page. 2) One of my articles got backlinks from Neil 3) My Infographics marketing helped my client’s blog to be featured in Google news. 4) Now I’m successfully providing Link building courses to my students. This is also a BIG achievement for me.

Steve Wetmore – Well Rintu you should be proud of those accomplishments. Tell us what you believe to be the trends for 2020 and beyond.

Rintu Biswas – The future of SEO is very interesting and of course very challenging. I’m very lucky to be a part of the SEO community. Actually, Google is constantly trying to make their search algorithm fresh and useful. For example I believe Voice search is the future. No doubt about it. When it comes to SEO, you have to think about keywords. No matter how SEO changes in the future, everything will start with keyword research. People might type the keywords in the Google search box or use voice search, but keywords are the foundation of SEO (and will be in the future as well). I use Google keyword planner, People Also Ask Box, Searches related to, SEMrush more often for keyword research.

Rintu Biswas – Next, Google recently rolled out “The Bert Update” which is very BIG. Actually, Google is trying hard to understand natural language and its inner meaning. That is definitely a good thing. In other words: It means Natural language processing or NLP

Rintu Biswas – According to Google Before this update, Google strongly focused on the matching keywords and ignored a few “words” from the whole search query. Especially for longer or more conversational searches where prepositions like “for” and “to” matter a lot to the meaning. Google will be able to understand the context of the words in our query.

Rintu Biswas – For example If you searched for “parking on a hill with no curb”, Google used to give too much importance on the word “curb” and not enough on the word “no”. So, Google used to rank pages which were optimized for “parking on a hill with curb”. That means, the search results were irrelevant. Now, Google better understand the language and the search intent, which means more relevant results.

Rintu Biswas – User experience is going to be SUPER important. Google is going to strongly measure how users interact with the search results. (Thanks to RankBrain). In other words: How much time users spend, the bounce rate, organic CTR etc. In short, Google’s #1 job was, is and will be to make users happy. Fast loading website, GREAT content, satisfying search intent these are very important to make users happy.

Steve Wetmore – Ok very nicely explained – thank you. Now please give us a quick outline on what SEO tools you use.

Rintu Biswas – There are so many awesome SEO tools available on the internet. So, it’s really hard to pick the top 3. However, I love the following tools the most; Yoast SEO plugin, Google Search Console and SEMrush. So with the Yoast SEO plugin I’m using WordPress website and this is one of the best tools for SEO. Organic CTR is a big Google ranking factor. This tool helps me to do A/B testing with my title, description to increase the CTR. The Yoast plugin also helps me to optimize my content for search engines and users. The Google Search Console is a FREE tool offered by Google. I love the Performance report features. This report shows us Total clicks, impressions, CTR and position. Also, it shows all the keywords my pages are ranking for. This data helps me to re-optimize my content which super useful. SEMRush is definitely one of my all-time favorite SEO tools. It has a paid plan with lots of awesome features. But the free version is also very good. I find the exact keywords that my all competitor’s rank for. The Site audit feature is very useful. However, I personally like TOP ORGANIC KEYWORDS data. This data shows me the top keywords my competitors rank for in Google.

Steve Wetmore – Well thank you Rintu for this valuable information.