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FAQ Press Release Distribution

Why Invest in a Press Release Distribution?

When you distribute a press release to respected News Affiliates you create brand awareness, you gain high authority backlinks for your website and get found in search engine results.

How Quickly is My Press Release Published and Distributed?

Your Press Release is published in 24 to 48 hours (Monday through Friday).

What is the Ideal length of a Press Release?

600 words is ideal.

How Many Links can I include in My Press Release?

We recommend 5 Links maximum as more links will reduce effectiveness.

Can I include an Image with my Press Release?

Yes you can include up to two high resolution images with minimum size of 400 pixel x 400 pixel BUT we cannot guarantee the image will be published by the publisher.

What are the costs for Press Releases?


Google News
Promote Your Brand or Business
Market Watch
Digital Journal
Street Insider News
ABC, NBC, Fox News Affiliates
Daily Herald
The Times
Google News
24 to 48 hours Distribution (Monday through Friday)
Search Engines
200 Online News Partners
Include Two Images
Up to 2 Outbound Links
Order NowOrder Now
Branding Promotion
Laser Focused Brand Visibility
SEO Content Blueprint
Google News Inclusion
Street Insider News
ABC, NBC, Fox News Affiliates
Digital Journal
Wired PR News
Market Watch
Published on Partner News Site
24 to 48 hours Distribution (Monday through Friday)
Search Engines
50 Online News Partners
Include up to Two Images
Embed One Video
Up to 5 Outbound Links
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Is there any Topics or Content I cannot submit as a Press Release?

We do not publish stock and financial news as it can be manipulative. Additionally we will not publish:
– Online Gambling website promotions
– Releases that include registered trademarks not owned by the Company releasing the news.
– Articles that are written in a slanderous light toward a company, individual or product.
– Press releases that are written mainly as advertisements and do not contain newsworthy content.
– Articles about celebrities or public figures.
– Opinion pieces.
– Fictional stories.
– Adult topics.
– Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) promotions.
– Weight loss supplements.
– We recommend you contact us with your topic before you order –