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    Once news is published online it is nearly impossible to remove every shred of the press release from the internet. If it is imperative a press release published by BuySellShoutouts Press Release Service must be removed there will be a removal fee of $100 per website. A request to remove the press release must be sent in writing and state the reason for the press release removal and agreement to the fee of $100 per website. Please note that BuySellShoutouts Press Release Service can only have the press release removed from websites listed on the pick-up report and other sites who covered the news must be contacted by the company who created the press release (Not BuySellShoutouts). Press release removal is NOT currently available for the PRNewswire or partners ad on. ​
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Why Use a Press Release?

Press releases can be read by any device that can display an email or web browser search engine.

Communicate the unique features of your Brand or Business with a link to your website pr product offer.

Press Releases often rank well on search engine results pages.

Get results and get exposure today!!

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    We gained a lot of backlinks and visibility to out new product – thanks!

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