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Is it legal to sell Instagram accounts?

Is it legal to sell Instagram accounts?

You may have heard quite a lot about the buying and selling of Instagram accounts. Indeed, people do sell Instagram accounts for a good amount of money. It has become quite a fad and given that it can immensely boost the visibility and following, it does not come off as very bad an idea. The question that remains is, whether or not it is legal to sell Instagram accounts. Discussing this topic, first of all, it is worthwhile to notice that there are no legal codes that prohibit the buying and selling of any social media accounts.

When a user signs up to Instagram, the very first clause in the ToS gives an insight into this matter as it details that the account holder is solely responsible for all activities of his/her account and that by using the services of Instagram they agree that they will not assign, license, transfer or sell their account, username, followers and account rights to any other person. Also, anyone, except businesses and people who have the authority to create Instagram accounts for their employees, do not have the permission to create accounts for others.

So when you sign up for Instagram, you agree on not selling your account or your followers, but the violation of ToS is not subjected to any form of legal punishment. Therefore, even if you go ahead and sell your account, you will not be violating any legal codes. There have even been a number of famous court cases where the jury reached a common decision that the violation of ToS is not a legal offense.

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How is the transaction done?

Although many Instagramers have bought accounts to increase their followers, it is done in a very secretive way so as to not arouse any suspicion. This contains all the hush that can be caused due to such a move. Hence, most of the times, people never come to know if a certain Instagramer has been buying or selling accounts. There are many reliable companies that deal in the business.

When a user makes the decision to sell Instagram account owned by himself, he can contact BuySellShoutouts.com The site will make payment to the user once the account credentials are provided. The agreed price transactions are made through PayPal. The entire process requires complete verification of the user. Users can then use these accounts to advertise some of their own products or sell it to someone else after keeping some profit.

The price of an Instagram account

When it comes to the price of Instagram accounts for sale, there is no fixed standard price. The price depends entirely upon the number of followers, the quality of followers, the niche and most improtantly the engagement within the account – are followers active? Accounts with active followers that comment and like in full sentences get a higher value as compared to the accounts that get fake likes and emoji comments. It is also worthwhile to note that it may not be wise to make a head jump when someone announces to sell an Instagram account. Oftentimes, scammers use bots and fake followers to accounts for sale, you need to work with reputable businesses like BuySellShoutouts.com