How To Find Nano Influencers on Instagram, YouTube and More

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In recent times, the need to be a world-known celebrity to affect consumer buying behavior has long passed us by.

With many of the posts we see on Instagram, today’s modern customers are beginning to trust real and authentic personalities more than ever.

For this reason, it’s no wonder that ‘nano-influencers’ campaigns are growing day by day!

But where do you find them? In this article, we are going to explore how to find nano-influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and more!

Let’s start by looking at the quick takeaway.

How to find Nano Influencers on Instagram and YouTube? By connecting with local bloggers, those with a low number of followers between 1000 and 5000, and also by using your own fanbase, you can connect with nano-influences for your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Platform-specific Using analytic tools can also help discover influencers.

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Now let’s delve a little deeper into the details after we’ve seen the bite-sized answer and begin by looking at exactly what a nano-influencer really is!

What’s a Nano-Influencer?

According to a recent study, Instagram has a huge number of followers and by 2023, the users are projected to surpass 988 million. It’s for this reason that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms worldwide.

With YouTube having a staggering two billion users worldwide, it’s clearly a really important platform to make sure you have influence and dominate your niche.

So what are nano-influences and how can they help bring more customers to your business?

A nano-influencer is defined as someone with social followings ranging from 1,000 to 5,000.

Content creators

These smaller marketing gurus are usually described as great content creators who have a particular voice, skill, or expertise in a niche area and the newest emerging tier of digital influencers.

Such influencers are especially beneficial to brands due to their particular interests and appeal to a specific audience.

In addition, they have managed to find a sweet spot in terms of engagement.

More followers, less engagement

It appears that once web influencers surpass a certain number of followers, usually greater than 10,000, they tend to see an overall decrease in their engagement rates.

Likes, comments, shares take a nosedive as more and more followers join the party.

According to experts, those with around less than a thousand followers or less are more likely to receive interaction from at least 10% of their followers and fans.

So of course, it’s easy to see why many businesses large and small are turning to the nightly power of the small guy!

“A nano-influencer is defined

 as someone with social followings ranging from 1,000 to 5,000”.

So let’s now take a look below at why these supercharged mini influencers could see an increase in customers.

Why Nano-influencers?

  • Cheaper marketing Other than their higher engagement rate, nano-influencers are typically less expensive for brands as compared to their more famous counterparts.
  • Greater influence It’s also worth noting that a large number of consumers are highly likely to follow recommendations made by a nano-influencer as compared to recommendations from average people.
  • Everyday services and products Nano-influencers have become champions for the more common and everyday services and products that might not be at the top of the list for many to discuss
  • Targeted The recommendations from nano-influencers are much more targeted and direct, along with being specific to the interests of those who already follow them.

Competitive edge

Brands tend to underestimate the power of influencers with a small fan following. However, for your business, this strategy could be a real edge over your competition.

Nano-influencers occupy a real undisputed space currently in the world of marketing. In most cases, you certainly wouldn’t be looking at any ads from your competition on a nano influencers Instagram account.

Less competition

Your sponsored post is very likely to be the first advertisement on their account. You also need to keep in mind that these influencers need more control and help from your side. Since they are rather new in this field, they may need your guidance and advice.

Give them freedom

Provide them with a detailed brief, but try not to overburden them with strict requirements regarding their way of communicating with their audience.

If you do so, their followers will immediately realize that their posts are false and unnatural. On the other hand, it’s a chance for you to grow a perfect army of ambassadors for your product and services.

Nano-influencers are growing faster than other groups of creators. Within a few months, they can become your loyal nano-influencers, and some of them might even grow to become micro-influencers within a few years.

“Nano-influencers are growing

faster than other groups of creators’

Ok, so now we understand how this group of mini celebs are able to increase your customers base and drive traffic to your Instagram and YouTube account, but where do you find them?

How to find Nano-influencers

Finding Instagram influencers that are ideal for your brand’s goals from a business point of view can seem like a very difficult task with such a large number of influencers to choose from.

Get organized with a CRM

If your company is not already utilizing a CRM system to help gather all this data, then it is advised that you consider doing so.

Using a tool or software to gather information on your audience will be of great help when trying to grow that audience to a greater scale.

Browse your audience like pages

You can also browse through your audience’s liked pages on social media, and make use of common interests to help shape audience personas to your desired target.

If any of your existing followers or fans themselves have a large following on social platforms, then consider it an added bonus.

Personally reach out to them and begin by suggesting an exchange of product for a review or post on their account. If the relationship turns out to be a mutually beneficial one, then you can build out a more robust program from there.

“Your current fan base is a great place to start since you already know a connection exists”


The main purpose of hashtags is to make content on social networks more accessible and searchable.

Using Instagram analytics tools that are free of cost can further help simplify your nano-influencer search process.

Using keywords that are relevant to your business will help pinpoint conversations that will guide you towards your target audience.

When choosing a hashtag to search, make sure that it’s specific enough to yield significant results. For instance, if you happen to be a plus-size clothing brand, a hashtag search around #plussizefashion is more likely to yield better material than the simple hashtag #fashion.

Running such a type of search on Google will yield results from a variety of sources, including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Running a direct search on these platforms or through platform-specific third-party tools can prove to be more beneficial.

Connect With Local Bloggers

Social media platforms such as Instagram have essentially become blogging platforms for those looking to create content.

These networks also function as add-ons to further promote and bring blog content to life.

Bloggers in your nearby areas can also serve as a great resource for local businesses.

Specific keyword searches that include location are a good starting point. If we follow the previous example, then instead of searching for “fashion bloggers in LA”, a more specific search like “plus-size fashion bloggers in LA” is more likely to yield the desired niche results.

There are many tools available to measure SEO for each blog, which is a crucial indicator of engagement and visibility. In addition to these tools, you can turn to influencer marketing platforms designed to help you find the right nano-influencers for your product.


When used properly, influencer marketing provides authentic, far-reaching, trusted, and affordable brand advocates who can help connect your brand to the consumers most likely to purchase them.

However, always be selective when looking for influencers best suited to speak on behalf of your company and brand.

 Before jumping into the influencer market, there are a few things your brand should consider. First and foremost, why does your brand want to use influencers in the first place?

Sales may be the ultimate end goal but it’s important to have realistic expectations and specific goals.

Building brand awareness

Perhaps you’re a new company wanting to build brand awareness or have a product in need of testimonials and reviews to boost credibility. Or maybe you want to move specific pieces of product fast, and would like to opt for the route of promotional codes and discounts?

Whatever the reason might be, it is essential to have a specific goal in mind that you can measure against when judging campaign success.

Not all businesses have fully discovered the advantages of working with nano-influencers yet.

On the other hand, many industry innovators tend to be actively collaborating with nano-influencers, so make sure your business has a competing edge and look to ‘small power’ to build your business.

And finally…

So that’s everything you needed to know about the power of nano-Influencers!

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