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Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

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One of the most popular Social Media topics relating to Instagram is to be Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

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Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

First you need to determine what success looks like for you.

What do you want to accomplish with your Instagram page? let’s assume that you are a Marketer.

As a Marketer confirm your objective is Traffic = Sales

A marketer’s objective is to gain traffic to the “money” page and drive conversions or sales.

Conversions are often newsletter sign-ups or scheduling a call to discuss purchasing a product or service.

What is your objective?

First before you get started, you must define what a “win” is.

Your goal will determine your next steps relative to content creation.

As a Brand or Personality confirm your objective is Traffic = Exposure & Awareness

A Brand or Personality objective is to grow positive “Brand” awareness.

The Consumers’ Brand awareness leads to a lasting perception. This is how a Big Brand got big.

The winning result is achieved when a Consumer has a relative “Need” and remembers the Brand’s product offering.

While your new Brand Ambassador is polishing their new shiny object the stakeholders want some validation that the investment is working.

To track engagement social media managers will track post likes and look at the “Likers” and determine if they are current followers or visitors and track comments (are the commenters followers or visitors?) How are new visitors being acquired? You need to learn the answer to this question so you can repeat the process and get your viral content in front of more people.

Creating a plan on how to become instagram famous

How to Be Instagram Famous?

There are several key steps that need to be carefully executed to win this game and it takes time and patience.

Follow these steps and you will improve your chances to Be Instagram Famous.

Content is King when working to be Instagram Famous

The most respected Marketers in the World agree that “Content is King”.

Without unique and relevant content you will not Be Instagram Famous.

Social Media Templates

Optimize your Bio or Profile to be Search Friendly

The Bio is where an influencer starts to tell their story and can position in front of other Instagramers.

It’s “Prime Real Estate” – social profiles are the first thing people see when they arrive at your page.

Did you know that words, terms or phrases in a Bio are now searchable?

One of your most important first steps is to understand your Niche – what do you stand for?

For example, you are an aspiring Travel Influencer so you want to use words that instagram users frequently use to search for Travel Influencers.

Obviously the first term you should use is Travel Influencer then add your home base cities and countries.

Test this by using the Instagram search feature and you will see what search results come up.

How do you determine what the relevant content needs to be?

  1. First you need to understand who your customer is, where you will find them and how to retain your customer.
  2. What is your unique differentiator? What makes your product different or better? Some marketers call this the “Unique Selling Proposition”.

When you know who your customer is and can “speak their language” and convey your product differentiator in a way that resonates through your sales funnel to conversion – you win!

Don’t be afraid to be different – but be consistent with what makes you different. This is your chance to shine as a digital Unicorn.

These are the results when you learn to create the right kind of content to be instagram famous.

Content Curation

Content Curation for instagram includes 4 key elements:

Unique Photography

Avoid stock photography and create original high quality Instagram photos or graphics using tools like .

If you cannot always create your own high-quality photos then you can repost another user’s Instagram content.

Make sure you are tagging the original creator and NOT just reposting a repost. Accounts often get banned or disabled for violating Instagram’s TOS by copying people’s content without providing credit to the photographer.

Apps like Repost take care of all the legal stuff to make sure you are legally compliant in terms of attribution or acknowledging content ownership.

Brand Centric Content

Tell your story, be consistent with your product features and benefits.

Your caption should be relevant to your photo, use 3 – 4 sentences to communicate your message.

Always include a CTA (Call to Action) e,g. Follow me!, Tag a Friend, Click the Link in our Bio, What do you think of our product?

A well written caption encourages and creates engagement; a comment is a big win, a new follower is always welcome, likes are easy to give but don’t demonstrate as much interest as a comment or follow.

Remember to respond to each comment, visit the user and really look at their page, be social (what a unique idea), be honest and authentic, leave appropriate comments and like what you like.

Active users lead to engagement in a meaningful way.

Carefully Researched Hashtags will contribute to your Account Growth

And remember you are NOT famous people like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry – they don’t NEED or use hashtags.

Instagram allows 30 per caption so make sure you use all 30 hashtags?

Actually No! Don’t use all 30 Instagram hashtags is what Hootsuite revealed in a report.

Hootsuite explained that the posts engagement rate increased to 9 hashtags and once 10 hashtags were used the engagement rate decreased from 10 on to 30 hashtags.

Research – use hashtags that have groups less than 50,000 posts or less.

If you use larger hashtag groups your post will get lost in the weeds and no one will see it.

Look at what your competition uses for hashtags and if their hashtags fit with your niche and are part of a group less than 500,000 then use them.

The “sweet spot” is hashtags with 10k –  50k posts AND the users appear to fit your niche will yield better results..

Create 10 saved groups of 30 hashtags and rotate with each post, ie. Track the success of hashtag groups and constantly revise your groups to stay fresh.

Evernote – this is a good app to have on your computer and your phone to store your hashtags so you do not need to type them in one at a time.

Learn more about hashtags here.

An Example of What NOT to do

Take a look at an account that uses hashtags to grow, in part, their page by 100k followers a month (real life Instagram Unicorn)

Well . . . you can’t see @Regrann as this user had hashtags and mentions optimized on steroids BUT got the account banned because they went too far.

You risk being “Shadow Banned” when you use the same hashtags on every post.

What the hell is Shadowban? It makes your account invisible to everyone, except your existing followers.

How do you check if your account is in “Shadowban” status? Follow these simple instructions:

  • Upload a new post and include one new obscure hashtag (a hashtag you have never used before or make one up for this test).
  • Use an Instagram account that is not following the suspected “Shadowban” account.
  • From this non following account search for this new hashtag you just created.
  • If you find your post from the non following account your account is not shadow banned.

If you could not find your post then you have been penalized. You may remain shadowbanned for 1 to 4 weeks.

Using Banned hashtags can get you shadowbanned. Here is a list of known “banned” hashtags – but be careful as this list changes all the time.

Instagram Restricted Hashtags

Page 1 Instagram Restricted hashtags

Page 2 Instagram Restricted hashtags

Page 3 Instagram Restricted hashtags

Now if you can imagine the worst possible words or phrases – these too are banned.


A mention is writing a comment and including an Instagram account’s name as @username.

Including a username in the comments adds this “mention” to the users feed – they see it in their feed.

This is a particularly effective method of attracting the attention of users that are important to you.

Some marketers successfully utilize this method using mentions and use this mentions service to deliver thousands of mentions to a promotional post.

Marketers risk having the post or even their account deleted by Instagram as a lot of users object to this form of marketing.

Following these steps and posting with constancy defines a Brand in Social Media and is the most effective marketing tactic to Be Instagram Famous.

Here is an example of a small design agency Instagram account. Look specifically at the filters, color temperature, consistent design.

Font Size and Color, be consistent with same size font and color, notice the visual separation between the caption and hash tags – looks good and makes sense.


Do You Want to Learn to Be Instagram Famous?

Geo Tagging

Geo Tagging will make you look like a travel influencer.

Turn on geotagging in your camera app – Go to Settings / Privacy / Location Services / Camera. Slide to “on”.

If you use other editing apps, make sure your location data is also available or “on”.

You will see that the name of your location shows up just above the “time” above the photo.

If you want to look rich and famous you can ad you own optional location to create interest and earn bonus points with the right people.

Tagging People in Photos – Photo Tags

Why do this?

To include someone who was at an event or happening.

Alerting someone when you talk about them.

Give credit where credit is due.

Increase the reach of your social media marketing by encouraging others to share it,

How to do this?

Use @somebodysname and “bam”, you’ve tagged them just like that.

Reply to someone else’s comment on an image. You start your response with @theirusername and they will see you responded to their comment.

Tag somebody in the description of a photo to state that they are featured in the photo.

Social Media Networks – Traffic Building Methods

Create additional Instagram pages for A/B testing and protect your content. As a marketer, often with Links in your Bio, it is critical to protect your content.

There are a number of Apps available that allow you to download your Posts and save them in case your account is ever hacked or banned.

Marketers by nature are aggressive and will violate Instagram terms of service which leads to an account being disabled or banned.

You must have a back-up plan.

A/B testing on instagram involves creating different posts, captions and hashtag groups and watching closely which approach is most effective.

We define “effective” as above average engagement (likes and comments). Average engagement being 1% – 2% likes to followers ratio, good at 2.5% to 5% and excellent 5% to 10%.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr

Utilize automated methods within the Instagram App, Automated post scheduling apps like Hootsuite, or If This Then That.

Why Post to all these different Social media Networks?

It is important to get as much traction with your content as possible and not rely solely on Instagram as your only source of social media referral traffic.

You can publish the same content used on your Instagram Posts for Facebook. The Facebook image size is different than Instagram’s; Facebook is 940 px x 788 px and Instagram is 1080 px x 1080 px.

The post still works on Facebook (not perfect) and using this method saves your valuable time.

As a marketer you decide how to use your limited time throughout the day and you need to decide what to leave in and what to leave out.

There are time saving methods that are not perfect but save your precious time.

If you use Canva the paid plan has a little known feature called “Magic resize. . .” The miracle feature, with the click of a button, changes your image size to work with the “perfect” various sizes for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr.

The Blue tic is Instagram's validation - this is how to be Instagram famous.


Who wants to get the Vertified or Certified Blue Tic ☑️ on Instagram?

Shopify tells an interesting story about how they were verified by Instagram with LESS THAN 400 followers.

Today this account has a whopping 1,800 followers @shopify_stockroom .

Let’s fast forward to the end. Shopify has a world recognized brand and they guess that the main reason they were verified on Instagram was because of their Facebook page.

They were verified first on Facebook as a result of being the perfect Social Citizen. Read the Shopify blog article written by Mary-Rose Sutton “How we got Verified on Instagram (with less than 400 followers)”.

Getting certified on Facebook is much easier than Instagram. Facebook provides clear direction on how to get certified here (no one is 100% sure how to get certified on Instagram).

The Blue Tic is Instagram’s validation – this is how to be Instagram famous.

It’s is easy to apply directly to Instagram to Be Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

In fact you can apply right from your Smartphone and we will show you in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Click on the “menu” button (3 horizontal lines) in the top right hand corner of your account page.

One of the most popular Social Media topics relating to Instagram is to Be Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

2. Next Click on the “Settings” button at the bottom of the screen.



One of the most popular Social Media topics relating to Instagram is to Be Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

3. Next Click on the “Request Verification” arrow just above “Business Settings”.



One of the most popular Social Media topics relating to Instagram is to be Instagram Verified with a Blue Tic ☑️

4. The Final step is to simply fill in your full name and provide a scan of your government-issued proof of identification.



One of the most popular Social Media topics relating to Instagram is to found and seen with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

Instagram Influencer Shoutouts

What is an Instagram Influencer and why is it important?

When you drill down into the meaning of what an Instagram Influencer is you quickly conclude that the account does not need 1 Million followers.

You are fortunate if you have 10,000 Real Targeted Niche followers.

Your are more fortunate if they followed you, not because you begged and pleaded, but because you have content they love.

To be an effective Instagram Influencer you need to have an enthusiastic audience that truly engages with you or your Brand.

Having an enthusiastic audience is like having a small army of brand ambassadors running around social media networks singing your praises – this is the quickest way to be Instagram famous!

We believe our offering of Instagram Influencers with their Instagram Influencer Shoutouts are the very best on the internet.

We approve a small percentage of Instagram Influencer Shoutouts applicants.

Conversely, our competition approves everyone and they include adult content.

Our Instagram Influencer Shoutout partners are carefully screened and vetted for follower engagement and response time.

Our customers buy with confidence as we have a trusted vendor status with PayPal.

Services Available to Grow your Instagram Account and Be Instagram Famous

The debate over purchased followers, likes and comments will continue as long as these metrics remain important.

In other words, as long as people judge that an Instagram account with 1 Million followers is more important than an account with 1,800 followers, then people will buy fake services.

We offer services that will help build engagement by simply creating the image of success before you actually achieve it.

Purchasing our followers, likes and comments should only be used as a temporary tactic to get started and position you or your Brand as an account worth engaging.

A long term and sustainable growth strategy is deployed using our Insta Authentic Followers Service .

Our have a couple of key differentiators that make us more effective than our competition:

  1. We target specific users while our competition is limited to targeting accounts that use general hashtags. Targeting users only using hashtags as a reference does not assure you target users in your niche.
  2. We do not force our customers to struggle with a dashboard. We do all the work, our customer answers some simple questions and then we get started!

To be Instagram Famous – a few simple steps and you can get started today.

Link Tracking and Rotating

Marketers that use multiple Social Media Network accounts to drive traffic need to be able to determine which accounts are yielding the most or least traffic and make adjustments to their offer.

Link tracking is now a popular method of tracking clicks so you can monitor the success or failure of any number of promotions. has a service that also rotates the links so that the same promotion is not displayed to the same user more than once.

Measure success or failure of various sources of  traffic using this app –

Content Posting Schedule

Timing – when to post and frequency.

Make sure you connect your IG account to your Facebook page and switch your IG page to a business account.

Once the account is switched it enables the Instagram Analytics tool.

Instagram Analytics is FREE and provides detailed information relative to account engagement.

Most of the analytics detail simply lets you know if your activity and results are increasing or decreasing week over week.

The most important info Analytics revealed is – what time is the best time of day to post? (which is when your followers are most active)

Email List Building

Why and How?

Create your personal list of customers and reuse this list to sell future offers.

If the link in your Bio goes to an affiliate page you will lose control of this potential customer,

Method of capturing names and email addresses – give away an eBook.

  1. You can purchase Private Label Rights content (PLR for short) from different web sites for example Private Label Rights .
  2. Have the cover rebranded to match your logo and Business name on  for $5.
  3. Re-write portions of the book and add links to your money page and any other relevant pages on your website or landing page.
  4. Then get someone on Fiverr to reconfigure the eBook with a clickable Table of Contents and create an optimized or compressed PDF.

So ask yourself, do you have what it takes to be Instagram Famous? Remember you DO NOT need to do all the work – let’s get started our Organic Instagram Growth Service .