How to Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy Presentation

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If you want to try something new for your marketing or are simply looking for the most effective tools to grow your business, you should definitely consider Influencer marketing and learn how to How to Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy Presentation.

Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy Presentation


It beats many of more traditional marketing strategies, being one of the most effective ones at the moment, and the statistics only prove that. According to the survey conducted by Collective Bias,

70% of millennial consumers these days are influenced by the recommendations of their peers when they make buying decisions.

Still not impressed?

Then check out this Lord & Taylor campaign, one of the brightest examples of influencer marketing.

After the retailer partnered with 50 Instagram fashionistas, asking them to wear one specific dress, the dress was sold out by the end of the weekend.

While you might not have the budget, the resources, and the desire to compete with Lord & Taylor campaign, you could still benefit from the influencer marketing.

The important thing here is to come up with a proper marketing strategy that will indeed help you reach the right influencers and achieve your goals.

But if you haven’t tried influencer marketing before, you might not know the basic yet important things – where to start and what to include in your marketing strategy.

So let’s focus on that.

What to include in your influencer marketing strategy?


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  1. Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Goals and KPIs.

To launch a strategy your business will actually benefit from, you need to know what you want to achieve.

Your goals might be very different (introduce a product, drive more clients or visitors, boost awareness or sales), and each one of them requires a different strategy.

So define a goal (preferably one) and make it as specific as possible by using numbers, setting deadlines, and coming up with milestones to measure the progress.


  1. Social media channels.

If you own a startup or a company that is still growing, you might not have the budget and the resources to include all social media channels into your influencer marketing strategy – and that’s completely okay.

In fact, you don’t even need to do so.

If you aren’t a big brand, chances are that your target audience spends most of their time on only one or two social media, and these are the ones you need to target.

You can conduct an independent research to find this out or use some statistical data to help you.

After you do so, you can move on to finding Influencers working on these social media channels.


How to Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy Presentation

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  1. Your ideal Influencer’s picture.

If you don’t have much experience in influencer marketing, hiring any popular influencer might seem like the best and the easiest solution for your business – but it’s not. Maybe you don’t need to reach a big influencer, instead partnering with «micro» ones. Glossier did that and still succeeded.

So don’t focus on their reach. Instead, think about which influencers have the audience that is relevant to yours.

Ask yourself which influencers are considered trustworthy among your audience, and so on.

It’s also important to focus on the Influencers that could represent you in the first place.

There’s no point promoting essay writing services with the help of influencers that graduated a long time ago, and there’s no point promoting coffee and coffee-related products with the help of influencers that don’t drink it.

While it might seem like an obvious tip, it isn’t always that obvious (and sometimes also requires some additional research to find out whether an influencer is suitable for you or not).

Here are some questions, answering which could help you paint a picture of your perfect influencer:

  • How many followers do they have?
  • What do they usually talk about?
  • On which platforms do they work (or drive the most engagement)?
  • Who is their audience? (Be as specific with this one as you can, focusing not only on basic things like age and gender but also on location of their followers – all these things should match your target customers).


  1. Influencers research.


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Now, when you know how your perfect Influencer should look like, it’s time to go looking for them.

Before you do so, also spend some time thinking exactly how many influencers you might need for that specific campaign.

The number could differ a lot, depending on your goals and your budget, but figuring this out before you start looking for the influencers is always a good idea.

Here’s the information you need to collect during your research;

  • the name of an influencer;
  • their website or blog URL;
  • their handle or handles;
  • the number of their followers (on all social media or on ones you’re the most interested in);
  • their contact email;
  • the average number of likes per post or photo (look at the last 5 photos or posts);
  • the average number of comments per post or photo (look at the last 5 photos or posts);
  • their pricing.


  1. Pricing and outreach.

After you find the influencers you’re interested in, focus on the next important things: how are you going to pay them and how are you going to reach them?

Maybe you’ll write them on social media or come up with an email template to use?

Also, keep in mind that in some cases you can negotiate the pricing.

Some Influencers could be more interested in additional visibility that you can provide (through this works mostly with popular brands) or in your products (to find those Influencers, look among the fans of your brand – checking backlinks to your website could help you do so).

While that’s not always an option, it never hurts to check to know for sure.

So if you’re going to do that, make sure to mention it in your strategy.


How to Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy Presentation

  1. Types of content.

Though some social media do limit the types of content available for posting and sharing, in most cases you still have the opportunity to pick between photos, posts, and videos (or combine these things).

Therefore, think about which type of content would benefit you the most and would help you reach your goal.

But if you sell clothes, for example, it’s better to focus on visual content like photos and videos.

This is what your Influencer marketing strategy and its presentation should contain.

Of course, the most important part – finding influencers and negotiating with them – is still ahead.

But with all this information you’ve collected and included in your strategy, it will be much easier.

Do you think that influencer marketing is a great thing for your business?

Or maybe you think that your business can survive without it? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!