Making money with Instagram Shoutouts

Making money with Instagram Shoutouts              

What are Instagram Shoutouts?

The problem with Instagram is that it is rather useless for online marketing if you have a poor following.

You may have worked hard to increase likes and visibility, but if your account fails to grow organically, it can be difficult making money with Instagram Shoutouts .

However, the design of the platform still allows you to rake in an audience by using Instagram Shoutouts.

You can pay a fellow Instagram marketer to display your post in his account with a link to your profile.

This will increase the visibility of your product as well as your profile.

Turning to popular and well-established bloggers for this can immensely boost your online growth.

The results are so strong it’s almost like getting free Instagram followers.


Making money with Instagram Shoutouts


How to make money with Instagram Shoutouts?

There are a number of ways in which you can make money from your Instagram account.

The easiest way is to sell your followers or the entire account.

If you have more than 100,000 followers, your account is likely to get a good market value.

Given that the buying and selling of Instagram followers have become quite prevalent, it is a viable option to rake in some money.

It will also leave you with more time if you have been handling more than one account.

Another effective method making money with Instagram Shoutouts is by endorsing brands through your account.

This is the most reliable way to generate revenue from your account.

Well established Instagram marketers get paid in thousands of dollars just for making a one-time advertisement of a certain product.

Provided that your account receives enough traffic, you could be making millions of dollars each month.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing online social networks with thousands of new users every day.


The average user base comes up to 150 million on a daily basis.

So in the midst of all these favorable factors, companies do not hesitate buying Instagram shoutouts.

In fact, the total amount spent by companies in 2016 alone was 4.5 billion dollars and the figure is still rising.

The third way to make money through your Instagram account is by allowing visitors to your accounts.

In this case, the fellow Instagram marketers will pay you for mentioning them in your posts along with their link profiles.

However, you need to be selective while doing this and make sure you stay within your niche.

Allowing too many unrelated Shoutouts will make your account look very commercialized and followers may back out from your account.


Are Instagram Shoutouts effective?

Yes, Instagram Shoutouts can be very effective in directing traffic to your account.

Teaming up with a well-established Instagram marketers can give you the desired attention.

It will not only boost your product visibility, but will increase your following.

Buying Instagram Promotions is more reliable than buying followers.

You can easily get cheated by the companies for low quality followers.

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