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Organic Instagram Growth Service – Buy Sell Shout outs

Organic Instagram Growth Service for your Agency,

Brand or Business Account

If you are looking to grow your Agency, Brand or Business Instagram account organically to gain hundreds & thousands of Real followers each day for your Account, then you have arrived at the right destination


Insta Authentic™ Followers is the Powerful Social Media Weapon to Increase your Target Audience Network Rapidly and Super Grow Your Business


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Is it all Organic Growth?

Yes, absolutely! The ONLY growth Service that ranks on Page #1 organically; you don’t have to buy from the agencies that Pay for Ads anymore.

Convert Followers to Customers

We build your Brand Credibility by the increased engagement and interaction from the real followers and convert your followers to customers.

Experts Manage Your Account

Our social media experts Set-up, Plan, Execute and Optimize your Instagram account on regular basis to grow the network and gain the audience you need.

Real Work = Real Followers

We give the perfect number on ‘How many followers will you get’ & ‘How many you have gained.’ No other Instragram service providers do this.


Our Social Media Experts do all work for you.

Your Instagram account activities never stop and your business will always be growing 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Top Reasons You Should Associate with Insta Authentic™ Followers for your Social Media Marketing

  • Start to see results within 24 hours of placing your order
  • Organically gain Real Niche Instagram Followers
  • Get hundreds of Followers everyday!
  • We don’t buy followers but we Gain Them
  • Get targeted traffic in natural, organic & authentic way
  • Our focus is to gain the audience you need
  • Convert followers to Customers
  • Agency quality Marketing for less
  • Dedicated team for support
  • Everything works within the Instagram Terms of Service rules

Why do you need a Social Media expert to handle your Instagram account?

Spending time on social media and networking is not only time-consuming process but also require extensive experience in identifying the target audience, to wisely use the keywords & #tags, commenting, gain the target followers and to convert followers to sales. Our social media specialists are highly trained on how to gain a larger more engaged audience. And we also invest a significant amount of time to grow your social network and brand credibility. We do all the work for you, all week long!

Paid VS Organic – If you opt for paid ads then your budget must keep on growing but not always your business; Even when your business grows your advertising costs will also grow. So, it doesn’t make much difference as you must keep on spending a lot of money to be found inorganically and unfortunately it doesn’t look real or natural to your audience.


Whereas using our Organic growth service, you spend less money for the work until your goals are achieved. As your followers grow, you can reduce your costs too. Your account naturally ranks on search, so everything looks real and natural for your target audience; hereby, there is a greater probability for an increase in real followers which helps to gain trust in your brand. Once your Brand value increases It becomes easier for you to convert followers to customers.


Instagram Organic Growth – Instagram is one of the fastest organic ways to spread the word about your business and brand. Building a strong organic follower base is not easy but it is extremely beneficial for your business. Organic followers are built with content and consistency. If they like what you post and if it adds value to them then your organic followers are bound to increase.

Instagram at its core is a very simple app that allows you to share images and videos with your followers. Here are few basic reasons why Instagram is such a hit and you should be using it –

  1. It is quick and easy –

Instagram is as basic as it can get. It is just the matter of clicking a picture adding a filter and sharing it with the world. You can also write a meaningful and interesting description along with the image or video you are posting.


  1. Simple content –

Unlike years before you don’t need a professional photographer or an advertising expert to help you with the process. The content should be simple but engaging with an overarching theme for the account.


  1. Global impact–

Instagram connects people beyond boundaries. Traditionally, there is a boundary to marketing in terms of location, money etc. But with Instagram the market is wide open and you can reach at least another 1000 people by posting engaging and popular content.


  1. Direct relationship with customer –

Instagram allows you to have a direct communication with your customers. There are tools offered by IG to communicate and interact directly with your followers like insta live, Q&A stories etc. to understand and cater to their needs better.


  1. Instagram is for everyone –

IG does not have any restrictions with regards to who can use the platform. There are individuals who use it as a social app only to connect with friends and family while others may use to share their ideas and talents with everyone in the world. IG is also commonly used by companies to have a strong online presence and increase their brand awareness through posts. Being a business owner, you can improve your brand visibility and reach thousands of your target audience within few weeks.

How do organic followers impact your business?

If you choose to pay for your followers and not depend on organic growth your business itself will not benefit from it. In this scenario the followers are just numbers with no real connect with the brand. Followers built organically can add much value to our business because they have a direct connect with your brand and choose to follow it.

  • They are more likely to convert from potential to actual customers in a short period of time.
  • Many of them also put out product reviews and recommendations, which can influence other IG users to follow your brand.
  • An organic follower also tends to form a long-term bond with the brand hence the number can be sustained for a longer period of time.
  • Your organic followers are real customers who will purchase your products and spread the word about it.

This type of organic, natural and real marketing is far more beneficial than any campaign. Since, organic followers connect with your brand they develop closeness and offer constructive feedback. Direct feedback from clients is highly valued and will often be a turning point in the growth of your business.

How do you get organic followers – Our Process (an overview)

Building a strong base of organic followers for your brand can be tough and time consuming. Although it is a slow process it is a very rewarding process because of the unforgettable connections you form with some of your followers. You require a lot of determination and self-discipline to be consistent with your content and wait for the results.

Our process is very simple but requires a lot of attention to detail. We believe in keeping it simple and getting it right to harness the full potential of positing on Instagram. The principal element to build a strong organic follower is content.

We as an organization are in constant search and creation of quality content that is useful and helpful to the users. The more engaging information you post, the greater number of IG users you will attract. Hence, that is what we strive to do. There are few more key factors that when brought together will bring out about the growth you are looking for.

1. Target the right group of people –

As a growing business and brand it is important to identify your target customers. Targeting the right group of people, who are ready for your product or are looking for your product are quick to respond and connect with content you post. Our social media experts work round the clock in researching about the target audience before creating a content strategy. With targeting it is easier to develop content with a specific group in mind. This way content is crisp, clear, interesting for the target audience and it resonates with them.  We smartly spend time and we never waste it on fruitless efforts.

2.Content Strategy –

We work on developing a content strategy that drives your brand and attracts your target audience. We focus on creating high quality posts with stunning visuals and those that evoke emotion or tell the story of your brand. We also maintain a theme running through your Instagram handle. A theme can be just a color combination or focused layouts relevant to the brand. Certain ideas can also be used as themes. Themes help Instagram users to quickly identify with your brand and give them a visual appeal when they visit your page.

We also focus on generating content that starts conversations, inspires, or makes people laugh. We are constantly reviewing the content we posted and checking the response and traction it is attracting. We keep a track of the content that is performing well and use it again to attract new audience. This also gives a fair idea of content that is not doing well and we keep away from such content. We also create a schedule to have consistent postings on your Instagram account.

3. Telling Stories –

As professional content creators we value the art of storytelling and understand the impact it has on the followers. Hence, as part of the content we include stories that make a difference. Your brand itself can tell a story. A story is about giving purpose to your content along with a narrative and character. The content we create aims to educate, inspire, and/or entertain your audience. Such stories make a mark with people and they come back for more. Instagram stories are a great tool to share highly engaging and short stories with useful information.

4. Hashtag techniques –

Hashtags have become crucial in social media and especially they are highly used in Instagram. Users search for content using hashtags and they are the most common way for an Instagram user to find your account. We take our time to research and find out more about the common and popular hashtags your target audience use. Out of the popular and trending hashtags it is important to smartly choose the right hashtags that will benefit your agency, brand or business. It is best to pick popular and trending hashtags that are not overly used, so your posts are not lost in a sea of content. We also use location specific hashtags if your target audience are in a particular location. We smartly integrate your target keywords in #tags and help your target audience to find your account quickly and easily.

Hashtags are also a good way to classify and organize your content. They can be treated like folders with relevant posts or information. It is ideal to give posts with similar content similar hashtags. This way it is easier to classify them, and it also makes it easier for your followers and other non-followers to locate relevant content from your Instagram handle.

5. Experiment with posts –

There is no one-way to get followers. We try different ways of sharing, posting content, commenting and give likes to keep your followers engaged and attract non-followers. We are confident about experimenting with styles of sharing more so because we have great content. This is also a great way to discover which technique or style is the best and gets maximum engagement from the followers and other IG users. It is also important to remember that what works today may not work tomorrow. Hence, we understand that, it is important to constantly keep finding new ways and different content topics to stay ahead.

Although we experiment in terms of content and publishing styles we always stay true to the brand and its story. We make sure that the variety in content and style does not lose its relevance. Without relevance the variety can be construed as non-authentic and spam.