10 Predictions For Instagram

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Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with over 800 million monthly active users. It has become a popular hotspot for product marketing and media influencing.

10 Predictions For Instagram:

10 Predictions For Instagram In 2018

Visitors’ count

The new feature of Instagram will let you know about the number of visitors on your site.

However, you won’t know exactly who visited you.

The new feature is under testing, but there are rumors of the beta version being available in specific regions.



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GIF stickers

The New GIF stickers available with Instagram, add animated stickers to your photos or videos in the story.

You can choose your GIF from a library full of hundreds of thousands of moving stickers powered by GIPHY.

In coming weeks, Instagram is also adding the ability to add a story of any resolution.

This will include a custom gradient fill to match what you shared.


Standalone DMs

Similar to Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram can launch a standalone app for Direct messaging.

The company announced “a camera-first app that connects seamlessly back to Instagram,” in six countries —  Italy, Israel, Turkey, Chile, Portugal, and Uruguay.

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Stories over Posts

With the introduction of stories features in Instagram, there is a rise in the number of stories over the organic posting.

Stories are an inexpensive way of product promotion and affiliate marketing.

Instagram also lets you add redirect links to access the shopping platform.

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Shoppable links

Instagram had a long history of avoiding clickable links in posts and messages.

They aim at introducing these features soon to improve the scope of marketing affiliation.

Instagram already provides redirections in their sponsored posts.

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Virtual Reality

With the rapid advancements in VR tech and the attempt of Facebook with 360 photos, we can expect Instagram to launch the Virtual Reality features.

Virtual Reality encourages engagement. It offers an immersive, memorable experience and brands are recognizing that value.


Filtered content

With the increase in cases of foul content and online bullying, Instagram is focusing on monitoring its content.

Automated tools and resources can be introduced to manage content and regulate your posts and stories.


Boost in Video content

With introducing the feature of counting views for videos, Instagram hinted towards the rise in viewership for video content.

We can see a growth in visual content regarding product placements and sponsorships.

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Boosting Posts and stories

10 Predictions For Instagram In 2018 will bring a rise in sponsored posts and stories.

With the option to add sponsored stories, Instagram brought advancements in marketing at the platform.

By redirecting links in stories, sponsored stories will be a trend in Instagram marketing.


Micro-influencer marketing

Instagram will be a sweet spot for micro-influencers (Shoutouts) with a significant following between 10,000 to 100,000.

Though the Instagram influencers have a relatively low audience, they reflect high conversion rates due to the relationship they share with their audience.


2018 will inflate the reach of Instagram, especially with advancements in stories and sponsored posting.

We are excited about the new surprise the platform holds for us.

With the trend in the engagement of the audience, we can expect Instagram to be the next billion-user platform in 2018.

This was 10 Predictions For Instagram In 2018.

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