10 Ways to Make People Care about Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram continues to be the most popular and growing social media apps, and it has become a proven social media platform for building and marketing brands. Its is essential to know how to buy Instagram followers and how to help these followers to get maximum benefits from your Instagram accounts.

10 Ways to Make People Care about Your Business on Instagram


To be successful it is important to understand the ways to make people care about your business on Instagram.

It’s estimated that 80 million photos are uploaded every day and it has one of the biggest active user bases which makes it perfect as a marketing platform.

Here are 10 Ways to Make People Care about Your Business on Instagram

  1. Post Regularly

Infographics claim you should post on Instagram at least once a day so you don’t cause an out of sight out of mind mentality towards your account.

There is an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t post multiple times in a day, especially not when algorithms could have them clogging up your follower’s dashboard.

Try not to post more than ten times a week or repeat the same post too frequently.

You can’t base your feed on what other people are doing, some high successful Instagram’s choose quality over quantity and have months between posts.

One size does not fit all when it comes to social media so trial and error is key, check your algorithms for what time of day and what quantity works for you and your target audience.

Don’t post because you have NOT posted yet that day, if you have nothing to say. The peak times are generally morning, lunch and after work.

If you don’t have the time to commit to this try a scheduling tool like Buffer which allows users to line up their posts so it will hit the times that works for you without having to be near a connection.

  1. Use Well Written Captions

Captions can stimulate a conversation and make people want to comment on your post. If you struggle to know what to say or how to say it there are a multitude of websites that can help like  Grammarix.

While Instagram’s primary idea is for compelling visuals the tags and captions will help achieve the engagement your feed needs.

The Instagram algorithm displays posts in the user’s feeds based on how interested they believe they be in the content.

A post with lots of comments and likes will have a better chance of appearing at the top of your follower’s feed and it might even make the Explorer page.

If you are concerned about writing captions or want more advice The Huffington Post recommends Revieweal and others similar copywriting tools.

To be successful it is important to understand the ways to make people care about your business on Instagram.

  1. Run Contests

Instagram’s promotion guidelines allows users to run contestants so it’s smart to use this to the advantage of you and your business.

A good Instagram contest is simple but effective.

Offer the chance of winning a product by commenting on the post or encourage some sort of prize lottery entry if they post a photo using your product with your company tagged in it.

Giving out free items is good publicity as the winner is likely to post about it on their own social media platforms.


  1. Hashtag It

Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram marketing but it can go wrong very easily.

Remember to tag the location of your business. People search for location tags more than any other business related tags.

A recent update allows users to get directions to your business with a click on your Bio.

This works only when you enable Geotagging on your page.

“It’s worth investing in research before adding hashtags, this will avoid using inactive tags or your tag getting lost in another context. Avoid using offensive or controversial hashtags so check for any double meanings or cultural associations before you create the tag. Just make sure your hashtags are unique, catchy and easy to remember”, – explains Kim Gaillard, a Social Media Manager at Best Australian Writers.

Several studies show that eleven is the maximum amount of tags to use before it becomes overwhelming.

Avoid using all 30 available and make sure they don’t over power the caption.

To be successful it is important to understand the ways to make people care about your business on Instagram.

  1. Cross Promote

An effective way to increase your reach is to cross promote on other social media platforms.

Cross promoting will allow you to generate more exposure to your Instagram.

Cross Promoting will generate more exposure for your Instagram content.

This tactic will reduce the cost of creating new content and help strengthen your brand image.

Instagram is great for automatically posting content to other accounts, and there are multiple online tools which an also assist in this.

Also promoting your Instagram only video and image content on platforms like Facebook or Twitter will help drive traffic.


Photo Courtesy of Social Media Today

  1. Create a strong Bio

A good business bio can help you get noticed.

Make sure the Bio clearly identifies what your business does and why they should follow you.

Choose a profile that is strong but still relevant to your brand and make sure your username is easy to remember and can be easily searched.

If you are nervous about delivery the right type of Bio try a tool like Elite Assignment Help or State of Writing.

Use hashtags in your Bio to make it easier for people to find you.

Make sure you put your website link in the bio and with an Instagram business account you can have the option to insert additional call to action links such as email and phone numbers.

To be successful it is important to understand the ways to make people care about your business on Instagram.

  1. Interact with your Followers

You don’t have to post an image every day but being as active as possible can really help gain a following.

Interact with content from your feed and other people’s accounts.

Follow local or similar businesses and interact with their content, it will help you promote your business to their followers.

This might not look like it will make a big difference to your brand but in the long run it will help growth.

Instagram users love getting responses from brands

This will make them feel excited and more likely to share content from your page.

When responding always start @username so everyone can keep track of conversations and get notifications.

Talk to your followers, get to know them and what they want from your brand.

By asking the right questions you will create an engaged community and market with a human touch.

Initially you might not get the response you need but gradually you will see more and more people engaging with your content.


  1. Track with Metrics

The number of followers may be a vanity metric but tracking your follower growth will allow you to understand what content makes an impact.

Measuring likes and comments will assist you in understand what steps to take in your social media strategy.

By monitoring metrics, including hashtags, URL click throughs and comments.

This will help you market your business more effectively.

If you don’t understand how to monitor these metrics look at using an online tool or advertising service.

To be successful it is important to understand the ways to make people care about your business on Instagram.

  1. Move beyond Product Images

Generally just posting product images won’t make many people stop and take notice.

Posting products in use by real people shows you are a customer driven business.

Your Instagram should appear natural.

Just like an everyday person is using rather than it being used as an obvious business tool.

Post video tutorials or inspirational footage showing how to use the product or some form of a demo.

Get your staff involved in posting content for a personal and diverse touch.


  1. Find Fans the Old Fashioned Way

Sometimes you have to find your followers.

Search hashtags of similar products or brands and introduce yourself either by following of commenting.

Seek out and follow followers of companies that you think are relevant to your own.

Follow people who like related images but it’s worth checking their profile to see how relevant they are.

Be cautious as having a bad follower to following ratio can be a turn off.


Rachel Summers is an experienced social media manager who in her seven years of experience has worked for numerous companies including leading custom writing service Boom Essays.   In her free time Rachel offers advice and assistance to small and start up business on their social media.

To be successful it is important to understand the ways to make people care about your business on Instagram.