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    How does Link Cloaking Protect Your Affiliate Link?

    What is Affiliate Link Cloaking? Link cloaking is the combination of link shortening (creates a short link) and masking, hiding or disguising your affiliate link URL that an affiliate marketing program like Clickbank provides you when you decide to promote a particular product or service. An uncloaked affiliate link leaves you exposed to theft and ... Read More

    7 Tips for Writing a Successful and Money-Making Instagram Post

    Instagram influencers have shared these tips for writing a successful and money-making Instagram post. Unlike most social platforms, Instagram is mainly a place to share and view pics and videos without necessarily having to write anything.   Indeed, the majority of users post their pics accompanied by generic captions or ... Read More

    Does Instagram Show You Active on Facebook? Answers and Options!

    According to experts, Instagram users are set to increase massively to a whopping 117.2 million U.S. users in 2021. If you’re a business either big or small who want to take advantage of this social platform, you might be wondering how it works alongside your other social media. In this article, we are going to ... Read More

    Buy Instagram Shoutout is the Best Method to Grow

    Buy Instagram Shoutout is the Best Method to Grow an Account The importance of social media has now been well recognized by individuals, as well as businesses, across the world. It is a proven fact that if you want to attain popularity in today’s world, you just cannot do so without the use of social ... Read More

    7 Useful Tips on How to Grow Instagram Followers

    There are more than 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, and the social network’s reach continues to grow. If you’re hoping to boost your Instagram presence and reach a bigger audience, then there are specific strategies you can implement. Follow these seven tips to grow Instagram followers on your page. Write Out a Strategy Before you ... Read More

    The Benefits of Using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product

    The Benefits of Using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product   Do you use sponsored posts to promote your product or brand?  You should!  Let me introduce you to the basics of using Sponsored Posts to Promote a Product. If you enjoy reading the article and would like to share a ... Read More

    4 Innovative Instagram Story Strategies for All Businesses

    Instagram has proven to be an exceptional marketing tool for most of today’s businesses but to get “seen” you must use Innovative Instagram Story Strategies. Try to add personality to your stories. By doing so, you’ll strengthen the connection with your Instagram followers while improving your brand reputation.   Whether ... Read More

    Who Will Read Your Sponsored Post?

    Who Will Read Your Sponsored Post? In the first part of this series, I talked about what a blog post is. Now, I’d like to talk more specifically about how to purchase Instagram followers and who will read your sponsored post. Direct Blog Readers This is the obvious reach of ... Read More

    10 Predictions For Instagram

    Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with over 800 million monthly active users. It has become a popular hotspot for product marketing and media influencing. 10 Predictions For Instagram In 2018: Visitors’ count The new feature of Instagram will let you know about the number of visitors ... Read More

    How to be Successful Selling Shoutouts

    Shoutouts can make all the difference for owners of businesses, both big and small. When an influencer agrees to provide a shoutout for a company, they are telling their followers about a specific brand and the products or services they offer. Millions of people following these social media influencers will see these posts and will ... Read More

    Is It Wise to Buy Instagram Accounts? 5 Things to Know in 2020

    Nowadays, to make a difference in the world takes having followers that can spread the word about you and your cause. Instead of building a following most people want to buy Instagram accounts as an alternative. However, before you buy an account from someone, you need to understand what happens when you purchase an Instagram ... Read More

    Highly Effective Promotion: Harness the Power of Instagram Shoutouts

    It doesn’t matter whether you own a business, you’re a model, or you’re just trying to get as many followers as possible, there’s an art to promoting on Instagram.  Those who understand this art succeed and reap Instagram praise. Those who don’t understand the art of Instagram marketing receive no reward and are left feeling ... Read More

    Instagram Captions – Our 107 Most Famous

    The famous cliche “A picture tells a thousand words” remains true; however, great Instagram captions makes sure the viewer understands your intent. This Instagram caption and image captures the message immediately and is the best way to boost, make your wall relevant, and gain more followers. In this article, we review Our Most Famous 107 ... Read More

    Instagram Captions – Learn What Works

    Have you noticed that your posts aren’t being read, no likes comments or follows – learn how to use Instagram Captions to gain visibility.   Instagram is everything about visuals but you need to use text to ensure people pay attention to what is important to you the creator. Whether ... Read More

    The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Social Media Post Sizes

    Social networks are the dominant force in today’s marketing tactics so it’s very important to understand the perfect social media post sizes. With almost 30% of Internet users consulting social platforms to research and find products to buy, you need a flawless strategy to generate leads and drive conversions through this channel ... Read More

    Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy to Grow Traffic

      Any marketer knows that the power of Instagram is impressive and they know it’s important to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy to Grow Traffic to their offer. With more than One billion monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses to promote their products and services. In fact, ... Read More

    We are Always Buying Instagram Accounts

    Do you own an Instagram account? Well, are they any good? Do you have lots of followers, likes on the posts and a good value too? Well, then it is time that you sell that account to someone who is Buying Instagram Accounts. Yes! People are Buying Instagram Accounts. It ... Read More

    Grow Your Instagram Account – Learn How

    You have created a Instagram Account and now you ask yourself. Grow Your Instagram Account – Learn How and stop spinning and read on! When to Post You could be losing engagement simply because you don’t post at the best time. How do you determine what time is the best ... Read More

    Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️

    One of the most popular Social Media topics relating to Instagram is to be Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️ Instagram Famous with an Instagram Verified Blue Tic ☑️   First you need to determine what success looks like for you. What do you want to accomplish ... Read More

    IGTV – Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube

    Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube? Instagram recently launched IGTV, a new platform that allows video producers to post longer videos on the platform.   Previously, users were only allowed to post 15 seconds long Instagram stories and 60 seconds for the regular videos. IGTV enables users to ... Read More