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Free Twitter Hacks Grow Your Tweeting Prowess

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Free Twitter Hacks Grow Your Tweeting Prowess

Like Instagram Twitter has a wealth of useful apps, add-on or plug-ins that can make your Tweeting time more effective then you will believe – and you will believe once you read this article Free Twitter Hacks Grow Your Tweeting Prowess

Auto Refresh for Twitter

Try this Chrome Extension Auto Refresh for Twitter – This creative plug-in only refreshes Tweets instead of the entire page and only refreshes the Tweet when you are at the top of the page this will not disturb your other activities – Nice!

shutterstock_311507798-1024x1024 Free Twitter Hacks Grow Your Tweeting Prowess %shoutoutBlind Twitter

Try this Chrome Extension Blind Twitter – This plug-in places tweets on an equal footing – in other words Twitter biases visibility based on an accounts influence, the more influence, the more bias.

Blind Twitter eliminates the bias by concealing the authors Like / Re tweet statistics hidden.

Your judgement on the tweet is not influenced by the statistics but by your opinion of the content. In the past you may have felt that you should only re tweet wildly popular content.

Now take the opportunity to trust your own opinion and post content you like without being influenced by the Twitter community. I love this idea!!

This will change the way you interact with your Twitter feed and force you to think (not that you aren’t thinking now).


Offers a free plan for individuals and supports activity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

They offer a wide variety of plans that will serve the Social Media Platform needs of Individuals through large marketing agencies.

Sadly they do not support Instagram – If you are reading this article you are not just interested in Instagram.

The Buffer platform allows large teams to connect social profiles and schedule up to 2,000 posts per profile, integrate your business’s RSS feeds, Measure the team’s effectiveness using social analytics and can integrate with Google Analytics Free Twitter Hacks Grow Your Tweeting Prowess

Twitter Direct Messenger

Of course you can direct message from Twitter and the instructions are simple:

1) Log in to your Twitter account,

2) Click Messages in the navigation bar (at top of screen),

3) Find the pop up Direct Message history,

4) Look for the address box and enter the name or names of users (@username) you wish to Direct Message – and blast away!!


This app may induce vomiting or give you a hell of a headache.

This site updates emoji popularity in “Real Time” and it moves so quickly it becomes hard to read.

But it can tell you quickly which emoji’s are most popular in the form of a “counter”.

The crying emoji dramatically beats out the Heart by 2x – what’s wrong with this world??


lets you search through the people you are following on Twitter and you can find people by location, expertise, etc and it’s easy to use.

IFTTT – If This Then That

Connect Twitter up to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, and plenty of other popular web destinations with IFTTT (If This Then That), enabling you to trigger tweets automatically, and post where Hootsuite and Buffer do not support.

IFTTT is one of THE most effective apps you can use Free Twitter Hacks Grow Your Tweeting Prowess


Nuzzel one of the best third-party tools out there for picking out the best and most relevant stories from the general Twitter deluge — lots of apps attempt to offer some kind of Twitter curation (including Twitter itself)

But Nuzzel seems to hit the sweet spot.

Parrot Read

Another tool for tapping into the Twitter mind, and focuses only on book recommendations. Parrot Read will suggest books based on your following (and what they’re reading) and it works very well.

Spoiler Shield

Out of all the anti-spoiler tools out there, Twitter Authentic Growth Package is one of the very best, and it works over the web, Android, and iOS.

Straightforward toggle switches let you block popular types of content on Twitter, and you can reveal blocked posts if necessary. Don’t want to see anything about “The Voice”? Just switch all mentions of it off.