Buy Instagram Mentions – Basics to Get Traffic

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How does our Instagram Mentions™ service help your business?

Affiliate Marketers? Are you selling a Product or Service? Listen up!

Imagine you are selling a health supplement and you know where your potential customer is buying their supplements now or you know what accounts your potential customers follow now. 

Do you need more traffic on Instagram, How does our Instagram Mentions™ service help your business? Learn Instagram Mentions™ Basics

This is a Laser Targeted Marketing Strategy – You have identified your target audience and we deliver your ideal potential customer that are already Instagram Followers to your post to see your offer.

The question Affiliate Marketers or anyone selling a product or service must ask is “why the heck am I not buying this product now and why haven’t I heard of this before?”

Read on and learn about our Instagram Mentions service.

Instagram Mention™ Basics:

When a public Instagram user mentions your username preceded by a “@” the site automatically tags your account as a Instagram mention.

In this way, users replying to your comments on their photos can let you know that they’ve responded, and other users can alert you to content they want you to see.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To view your mentions on Instagram, visit the News feed feature of your Instagram App.

  1. Launch

    Launch Instagram on your phone and, if prompted, sign in to your Instagram account.

  2. Tap

    Tap the News icon in the main menu of the app. This icon has a graphic of a speech bubble with a heart silhouette in the center.

  3. Tap

    Tap the “You” tab to view all of your recent Mentions interspersed with the most recent likes and comments on your photos.

How do I Mention someone on Instagram?

To mention someone, type @ followed immediately by their username (ex: “great photo, @shayne!”).

Don’t include a space between @ and the username.

The person you mention will get a notification in their Activity letting them know.

Instagram mentions will get your post seen

Are my Comments and Mentions hidden?

If someone with a private profile Mentions someone who isn’t one of their approved followers on a photo or video, the tagged person mentioned will be able to see part of the comment in the You section of Activity.

They may get a push notification (if their notification settings are turned on), but won’t be able to navigate through to the private photo or video.

If someone with a private profile leaves a comment on a photo that a public Instagrammer uploaded, their comment will be visible and their username will be clickable below that photo.

If you send a photo or video to a specific group of people with Instagram Direct, only those people can see the comments or mentions associated with that photo or video.

Why Should I Buy Mentions Today?

Instagram Mention Service is available here

Our software engineers have created this product based on 1,000’s of customer requests;

Please help me differentiate our business from the competition.”

We all now live in a world of social media, we can’t escape it.

To this day, more than ONE Billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis and the users are rapidly growing!

Whether you are a normal person, business owner, artist, etc. who wants to expose their work – Instagram is the No.1 place to do so.

But, it is no use at all if you have 0 followers, and that is where BuySellShoutouts comes in!

Our Instagram Mentions is the best marketing method to gain the Instagram followers, Instagram likes and Instagram comments from active users your Instagram account needs to boost your social presence!

How Does it help my business to Buy Instagram Mentions Service?

Imagine you are one of many internet marketers selling Handbags and your business falls into a specific demographic or user and you know where your potential customer is buying their Handbags now.

How valuable would it be to deliver your Handbag offer to the people you know are interested in similar products.

This is Laser Targeted Marketing – we deliver your ideal customer to your post.

The question you ask “why the heck am I not buying this product now and why haven’t I heard of this before?”

Boost Your Instagram Posts with the mass Mentions services.

The service mentions targeted users from any account you select (has to be public) & Mention them via comments.

The more related the mentions are, the more chances of better engagement & sales.

Live example:

Let’s say you want to sell a luxurious handbag via your account. This is what you are going to do:

  • Search for a public user that has many followers & top engagement selling handbags or related fashion.
  • Send us the link of this profile & we will extract 5000 followers of that account.
  • We will mention these 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 related Instagram mentions in your handbag post.
  • DONE!!! Now your handbag fans have been mentioned in your Instagram post & the final decision from real people – buying will depend on quality, price etc…

How Long Does The Mentions Service Usually Take to deliver Instagram Mentions?

No one has time to fill in form after form, validate your account and verify a details before you order.

We do everything for you, this perfect targeted Instagram marketing technique gains you likes and followers from real people has never been so easy!

Here at BuySellShoutouts, we are a super team of social media experts with over 10 years’ experience.

Ever since Instagram launched back in 2011, BuySellShoutouts have been at the forefront of Instagram social media services

We have provided well over 500,000 customers with brilliant results!

You will not be disappointed when you choose BuySellShoutouts to gain visibility of your promotion.

Why Choose our most effective Instagram Mentions Service?

BuySellShoutouts have completely re-worked the system to provide you with the best, fastest and cheapest Instagram services on the net.

We typically deliver our Mentions Services in 48 to 72 hours.