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1) Instagram Mentions Warning - We will not refund any order if post or user is deleted or account is banned. Adding large quantities can get your posts banned or deleted by Instagram and we will not refund those orders! We have the right to cancel and refund any order made against our policy or for any reason. 2) Mentions Delivery - Products will be delivered within 2 - 20 days for 5k to 100k Mentions and approximately 15 - 30 days for 200k to 300k Mentions. This Mentions delivery service does not guarantee or claim that the users that are Mentioned on your Post will Follow, Like, Comment or Click the Link in the Bio. Mentions are "ghosted" in the post which means you cannot see them when you click on the post. 5 to 10 mentions are posted per comment. When you pass your curser over the post you will see the number of Comments (Mentions) and Likes the post has received. If you have any questions please email us at
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How does our Real Instagram Mentions™ service help your business?

Marketers listen up! Imagine you are selling a health supplement and you where your potential customer is buying their supplements now or you know what accounts your potential customers follow now. How valuable would it be to deliver your offer to the people you know are interested in similar products.

This is Laser Targeted Marketing – we deliver your ideal customers to your post. The question Affiliate Marketers or anyone selling a product or service must ask is “why the heck am I not buying this product now and why haven’t I heard of this before?” Read on and learn and Buy Real Instagram Mentions™

Up to 5,000,000 Mentions are available at a time for special order. 

To confirm maximum quantities available please contact us at

6 reviews for Instagram Mentions

  1. GPT

    This Instagram mentions service delivered targeted users to my offer which is exactly what we want.

  2. Strader

    This service works great. We got thousands of people to look at out offer and hundred’s of clicks in our Bio

  3. Sandy Hook

    These mentions are great! Delivered users to my post so they saw my offer

  4. Forever Yours

    Mentions work great. Delivered users to my post so they saw my offer

  5. MensHair

    Great service – much cheaper than your competitors

  6. TotsFamily

    Perfect – I got eyes on my offer by thousands of buyers – these Instagram mentions work great

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