FAQ – Instagram Influencer Advertising Information

FAQ – Instagram Influencer Advertising Information

Q: Tell me more about Instagram Influencer Advertising?

A: Here at BuySellShoutouts, we connect you with the most popular Instagram page owners and provide a cost effective shoutout service to help you get more publicity for your product or business or personal account. If you have a product or business or want more followers, likes, comments or mentions, BuySellShoutouts can help.
You can buy Instagram shoutouts from the most popular pages on IG to boost your presence. Shoutouts start from as little as $5 and can be seen by millions of users on Instagram. Choose the page you want to get a shoutout from and even customize the text and image! We offer the best variety of Niche INSTAGRAM accounts on the Internet today! We have custom tailored Packages in our Insta Authentic Followers Packages  offer – these package options will get you on the way to becoming Instagram famous!

A: Ordering shoutouts from BuySellShouts is simple – just follow these 4 easy steps!

Step 1

A: Prepare a 640px by 640px image (or video) for shoutouts prior to ordering. I you want to submit a video it must be no longer than 15 seconds. Write a creative image / video caption that will draw attention or engage and win followers and entice people to tag their friends. Running contests, asking questions, and viral posts gets people involved.

Step 2

A: Browse through our Shoutouts available on our website and select the Accounts that best fit your niche!

Step 3

A: Go through checkout process and fill in your caption information and upload your image.

Step 4

A: You will receive the Influencer Shoutout within 24 to 96 hours of purchase!

If you have any issues, please contact our team at contact@buysellshoutouts.com or via the contact us page.

A: You will receive a shoutout from the page you selected within 24 to 96 hours of the transaction, some pages may have more orders in queue than others, so be patient. If you have any issues, please contact our team at contact@buysellshoutouts.com or via the contact us page.

A: Once you have chosen a page to post a shoutout to, you must purchase the shoutout. After checkout, you will be directed to shoutout information form. This is where you must fill out your shoutout information which includes providing an image and caption. Be creative and write an interesting Caption. Ask a question and encourage interaction and interest -this is how you get people to follow, like and comment on your account.

A: The short answer is – you get as much out of your work as you put in! Also there are a lot of variables when posting a Shoutout. You need to think about Demographics, the duration of your shoutout, and most importantly the quality and content of your submission WILL affect how many followers, likes and comments you get.

A: Either the content you wanted posted was not related to the page topic or the page admin did not feel your content was a right fit for their instagram page. Feel free to contact the page admin at the e-mail found on the bottom of the Instagram shoutout product page for customer support.

A: If you have over 50,000 followers on your IG page, you are welcomed to apply to become a BuySellShoutouts partner.

There are also several things the Approval Department looks for, such as the quality of the images, the amount of images posted, and if image topic or theme is a good fit for our advertisers.

You can earn $100 per shout for just a few minutes work a week. More information on becoming a BuySellShoutouts partner here.

A: If you have any further questions, please contact us via our contact form. We work to reply to all queries within 24 hours. 

A: We recommend watching the tutorial video here first for details on exactly how to create a Shoutout for sale.

If you any difficulties just stop and send the following info to contact@buysellshoutouts.com

  1. Price List,
  2. Write up describing your site,
  3. Feature Photo (this should be you best photo to use to represent your listing NOT A BIO SCREEN SHOT)

We will work to get your listing published within 24 hours of receiving your info!

If we don’t get a response from you within 24 hours the draft will be deleted.

A: We pay the highest commission 70% which is paid immediately – which is not how other sites operate with their Partners! 

Add the listing link “www.buysellshoutouts.com/product/youraccountname/” to your Instagram Page URL to increase your sales.

You will also gain extra sales by adding your link!

A: When you sell a Shoutout, you will be paid immediately and directly to your PayPal account. The Shoutout information will be emailed to you immediately at the same as you are paid. Once received, you must post the Shoutout with the exact information provided within 24 hours and take a screenshot as proof at the end of the posting and email it to screenshot@buysellshoutouts.com

Failing to do so will result in having your listing removed, a PayPal dispute filed and being banned from BuySellShoutouts.com

A: Contact us immediately with all the relevant information and we will help you to resolve it

Q: What are your Terms and Conditions of sale?

A: Click this link for Terms and Conditions

Note that some products and services have Terms and Conditions specific to the Product or Service provided. The Terms and Conditions on the listing take precedence.

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