How to be Successful Selling Shoutouts

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Shoutouts can make all the difference for owners of businesses, both big and small.

When an influencer agrees to provide a shoutout for a company, they are telling their followers about a specific brand and the products or services they offer.

Millions of people following these social media influencers will see these posts and will likely express some interest in the business.

You can use the social media platform to earn an income while helping companies to reach their goals.

All our web site work is intended to make the site more accessible to our customer – remember no one makes money unless we sell Shoutouts!!

How to be Successful Selling Shoutouts on Instagram

What Can You Do to Improve Sales and Gain Repeat Customers?

If you want to have success selling a paid shoutout, you need to improve sales and receive repeat customers. Providing high-quality shoutouts that customers will appreciate and benefit from is a must.

Before you can gain repeat customers, you must first gain new customers who will see your listing description and choose to pay for your services. Reeling those new buyers is one of the most important things for you to do to have success with your business.

A lot of Instagram influencers are providing shoutouts, too. You want your listing to stand out amongst the competition because that is what will help you get those first few sales.

While some of the other influencers will make deals just like you can, you want to work on having that competitive edge that helps you get further. Once you start making a decent number of sales, you can continue to have success with repeat business and business that comes solely from recommendations of those who have worked with you.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are still a big deal. If one client has connections with several other business owners and you do an excellent job for them, they are going to tell the other business owners about you. And, that is what will help you make more money online by providing Instagram shoutouts.

Go the extra mile when you are creating a custom shoutout and posting it for a customer. Before you complete the promotion, you might want to visit the client’s website to learn more about the different types of products and services offered to customers.

You can get a better feel for the business and then use that to your advantage while creating a high-quality paid promotion that is sure to impress. The goal is to leave the best possible impression with the client to get that client to return with requests for additional shoutouts.

Your Listing Description

We invest a significant amount of time and energy in formatting your listing to rank in SEO on our visual platform. Our goal is to make it easier for customers to find your listing on our online marketplaces so they can hire you If your description is less than 300 words, your listing is NOT optimal for SEO.

It will not rank the way that you want it to at all. Invest some time and expand your page description so that your list has broad visibility. Include relevant details about your shoutouts, such as what you are willing to add, when you are willing to post, and how many followers you have.

Will you post static images, Video, IGTV, Stories? Include screenshots of your Instagram Insights which shows potential buyers where your followers are located, gender and age ranges.

Brands and businesses know what Instagram User they need to target to gain visibility and sales. The more descriptive you are with your post, the better your chances are of having someone choose you to complete shootouts on Instagram.

Use your description as a way to show off a bit of your personality and the sense of humor you have because that is how you can quickly sell yourself to different people.

Customers often feel more enticed to pay for shoutouts when they know the person has such a large and engaged following. They want to have a positive experience with the shoutout, where it helps their business grow by getting them more sales. Make sure you have a decent following.

In addition to providing shootouts on Instagram, continue to work on increasing your audience and engaging with your followers more. If you are receiving an increasing number of followers each day, you can end up making more money in the future because of those followers.

Of course, you want to have high engagement between yourself and your followers. Communicate with them, respond to comments, and post as often as you can when using Instagram.

Talk about your page analytics and be descriptive with letting customers know what your followers can do for them in terms of following them, visiting their websites, and helping them reach sales goals.

If thousands of people are seeing a shoutout in a single day, an advertiser can successfully reach their sales goals in no time. Be sure to talk about the type of page you have on social media. Discuss some of the things you would generally put on your page to give potential clients an idea of what they will see when they visit your Instagram page.

Advertisers are often looking for influencers with some of the following types of content on their pages:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Cooking and Recipes
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Pets
  • Tattoos

No matter the content you have on your page, some advertisers are going to want to hire you for shoutouts if you provide an in-depth description of the ways that your shoutouts will make a difference for them.

You are providing customers with a direct, straightforward approach to advertise. When the content you post correlates with the theme of a customer’s store, the shoutout looks more like a recommendation instead of an advertisement to your followers who appreciate your suggestions and advice.

This is why brands and businesses use Influencers! It often makes people want to buy more than they would when seeing traditional ads. If you can get people to want and eventually buy something that you are essentially promoting in your shoutout, you are doing a great job.

Your Price List

Take a critical look at your price list and compare it to competing sites – are you overpriced?

You want to make decent money, and you do not want to sell yourself short, but charging too much could work against you.

Spend some time researching the average cost of a shoutout based on several factors, such as:

  • The number of followers you have
  • Who is your Instagram Audience?
  • The length of the shoutout you plan to provide
  • When you plan on posting 

If you have a massive following and plan to post at times when your followers tend to be most active, you can charge a bit more.

However, you do need to get a feel for what you should charge to avoid charging more than people want to pay. Another thing to consider is your popularity. If you are receiving an overwhelming number of shootouts, it is a good thing because that means you are reaching the level of success you have aspired to achieve.

You may then want to raise your prices a bit higher simply because there is more of a demand for your promotions compared to others.

When you are first getting your start in the industry, and you do not have much of a reputation, it helps to provide reasonable prices that clients will greatly appreciate. Many times, clients are looking for an affordable influencer to provide shootouts.

They will like knowing that you are offering your shoutouts at prices that work with their budget. It makes it possible for them to advertise at a lower cost while still gaining awareness for their brand from hundreds and thousands of different people who use social media.

The shoutout industry is a business-driven by volume, not high prices. Customers like having an opportunity to pay for an affordable promotion that helps them get traffic to their site.

The traffic leads to sales and followers for them. Your time is valuable, and you set your prices – we respect this fact. We are not telling you to undercharge to have success.

We are only trying to provide useful advice to increase your chances of having the most success possible with your venture of selling Instagram shoutouts to those who need them. Let us know if you want to make changes based on the research you conduct on the average price of shoutouts.

We will gladly update the price for your shoutouts to ensure you are making decent money while still providing an affordable service to advertisers.

Feature Photo

Does your feature photo best represent your account? Take a look at the site and judge for yourself what makes a great feature photo. You can get ideas for your photos by looking at what other influencers are doing to get noticed by customers and make more sales.

Your picture says a lot about you. It is the first thing these people will see when deciding if they should pay you for a shoutout or not, so you need to make sure it is the best representation of you and what you post on your social media accounts.

Not having the right photo posted could keep you from making the amount of money you are hoping to make by providing Instagram shootouts. Make a list of the things you can potentially do to improve the photo you are using as a representation.

Do you have a better photo that we can swap? You might want to go through some of your photos to select a high-quality option that shows you off in the best way.

It is best to choose photos in color that are clear to view as a thumbnail. You want people to easily spot your picture, like what they see, and decide to buy a shoutout from you. Send us a new photo if you would like to change it. We will gladly swap out an old photo for one that is more engaging. It helps to attempt to show off your personality in the picture.

When clients believe that you have the right character to represent their brand, they are more likely to pay for shootouts from you. A simple smile in a photo can make such a difference.

You can always take professional headshots if you would like to upgrade the photo you are using to get clients to buy shoutouts. You might want to hire an experienced photographer to capture some stunning images of you that you can use when listing your service.

Once you have the headshots, you can sort through them and choose your favorite. We will post your favorite photo with the description of the services you are providing. The right picture will help you sell the service you are offering to clients, and that is what you are trying to do.

While you do not need to hire a photographer, it is an option when you want your photo to stand out and look as professional as possible to the customers.

Our Customer

We may receive orders that are not appropriate content for your page. We will remain transparent with you about the requests we get before you provide a shoutout.

If you are not comfortable with taking an order due to the type of product you get asked to promote, kindly let us know because then we can resolve the issue. We want to work with you and the client to reach a reasonable agreement that works in favor of everyone involved. We do not want to cause disappointment for anyone.

Feel free to engage us to help you communicate a lot better with our customers or communicate directly with the customer by yourself.

You can talk to the customer about anything you are not comfortable with doing and possibly make adjustments to the shoutout order instead of declining to do it. If the client is willing to revise the details of the shoutout request, you may be able to work around it and still complete the shoutout for them.

You need to know that this is a “service” business. You will be surprised how many people will come back and order your services again if you can work with them to get a relevant post that gets them the traffic and clicks without causing harm to the integrity of your account.

We understand you do have a reputation to uphold, but know that it is often possible to work things out in such a way that you can do the shoutout without compromising who you are.

By taking the time to talk things out and compromise with the client, it shows that you are serious about the work you are doing. It also lets the client know that you want to work with the client despite any small obstacles that might get in the way at times.

We recognize that English is not always your first language – have you tried Google Translate to see how it can simplify things for you? Try this, and you will be happy with the results you get from it.

The tool has made the world a little smaller for me! It is a valuable resource worth using to quickly and easily communicate back and forth with clients. You do not have to lose out on money from shoutouts just because English might not be your first language.

How Many Reasons to Use Instagram for Business Do You Need?

Business owners are quickly learning the advantages associated with using Instagram to gain a following and make more sales.

When someone starts a business, especially an e-commerce one, they want to naturally achieve a following that consists of people who are more than likely going to buy something from them.

While advertising and using traditional marketing methods can help, there is something about Instagram that can lead to success for a business.

With millions of active users and instagram accounts available and plenty of opportunities to get posts viewed by many people, it makes sense for business owners to use Instagram for business as often as possible.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Shout Outs?

This is simple. An Instagram Shoutout is simply a paid promotion that influencers can make money from when providing the service to customers.

The person that gets paid is usually a very popular influencer. The Instagram Influencer can be an influencer of your choice. This is a great way to advertise your business and get more followers or even sell more products. 

  • You can sell more product.
  • You can get the word out about your product. 
  • You get to advertise your business. 
  • You get to advertise your product. 
  • You may get more followers and likes. 

These are just a few of the many reasons that you should be using Instagram Shout Outs.

You can see the return of investment almost immediately in some cases.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Shoutouts

Like you may already know, there are many pros and cons to anything you do.

In today’s case, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of buying Instagram Shoutouts.

Pros of Instagram Shoutouts

  • A shoutout on Instagram is a great way to get your name out in front of a brand.  
  • You can attract more Instagram followers and get more likes. 
  • You can help narrow down your target audience. 
  • You may start to understand the power of influencer marketing just a little more.

Cons of Buying Instagram Shoutouts

  • You could lose followers if they think you are advertising. 
  • Sometimes Instagram marketing takes time to work. 
  • Instagram shoutouts do cost money to get a paid return. 
  • The success rate of your IG shoutout may vary.  

Before You Post the Shoutout

Before you post a shoutout, make sure you are paying attention to all the vital information provided to you by the customer.

Read through the notes carefully. You do not want to make a mistake that would cause the customer to feel dissatisfied with the service.

People will often ask you to post at a specific time, which is more work.

Customers want you to post at times that social media users are more likely to see what you are posting and engage with it because it helps them drive traffic to their site and make sales.

Winners in the business will often “over-deliver” or give an extra effort to make the customer happy. If the customer is satisfied, it leads to loyalty and more business, along with many word-of-mouth recommendations.

Do not be shy about questioning a customer regarding their caption – offer to help them by writing a more compelling message that may gain them more likes, comments, and followers.

If you go above and beyond for each client, they will appreciate you and want to continue doing business with you. Your willingness to work with the clients is what will set you apart from others in this industry.

Proof of Post Best Practices

Our top sellers have taken the initiative of following this process for screenshots:

Take the screenshot of the Shoutouts post at the end of the period unless it is a permanent post.

After taking a screenshot, email it with the order confirmation or order number to the customer and [email protected]

The partners that do this every time create a repeat customer AND reduce PayPal disputes to ZERO!

Knowing that you would not have to worry about PayPal disputes is ideal.

It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you get in the habit of doing this, you should have no problems, and you should be able to get customers coming back for additional shoutouts from you because they love the work you are doing for them.

How to Provide the Best Shoutouts

When providing a shoutout to a customer, you want to follow the directions provided to you. In addition to following instructions, put forth your best effort to proudly display details about the product or service you are advertising in your shoutout.

Some customers may send you a sample of the product that you can hold and use while taking a photo or video.

Make sure you do not rush through the process. You want to create an engaging post that is going to get the attention of many followers.

If you are getting attention, you are helping the customer reach their goal, and that is going to help you get repeat business.

What Can We Do to Help You?

Please feel free to give us feedback on how we are doing and what you think we should improve or change.

We are always open to suggestions. Your feedback is important to us. We will take the time to review what you have to say and discuss details with you to get a better idea of what you feel we should do to improve our service.

Our goal is to help you make money while doing something you thoroughly enjoy – giving paid shoutouts (not free shoutouts) to businesses to help them grow their brands and gain more massive followings.

The shoutouts you offer to your audience base via social media are incredibly valuable.

The quickest ways to monetize your page is through paid promotions. Always strive to provide the highest quality service to differentiate from your competition.

Use our Instagram Shoutout Pages to gain visibility and sell! BuySellShoutouts is the best site and best place to sell.

If you want to be successful when selling a paid shoutout, print this out and keep it somewhere close by to refer back to it.

You can reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions or comments. Happy Selling!